Monday, January 07, 2013

Ack Carter's "haul"

Dave and I ventured into a Carter's for the first time  yesterday since knowing we are having a baby, at the suggestion of his aunt. We have a few things on our "needs" list and she said it would be a great place to look.

WHY DID I LISTEN TO HER? The only person who had a harder time in that store than me was Dave. I'd think it was fair to say there was little in there that I didn't like. I am kinda picky about baby clothes too and at least at this moment in time every thing was so damn cute!

It also appears and from what I remember from buying for other people's kids everything goes on sale. The brandy new stuff that was full price was more than I felt comfortable spending but there was so much that was 70% off. We stuck to our list but did end up with one more item than than we went in for ;)

Wee is gonna eventually have opinions on what she wears. But until then I plan on living it up and dressing her in all the things Dave and I love. :) ha. Heck why not while we can. Being as it is my kid I am sure she will make her opinions known soon enough!

These are the things I fell in love with there but we only bought one of them. They also seem to have lots of coupons going at once. Between the sales and coupons I can see this being our store to find her great little outfits at a very reasonable price. It was all cheaper than Target too for what appears to be better constructed items. Who knows how they will hold up. I do know that I personally wore a TON of Carters as a kid. We had a Factory Outlet store near where I grew up. 

We ended up buying the red sweater and zebra outfit. It was cheaper to buy that then to buy just a sweater. (sweaters weren't on sale. I think they had all just come in)

I found I REALLY liked the boy stuff too. Lots of stuff that would be cute on a boy or a girl was to be found over there. I loved the soft teal color and the greys. There isn't enough girl stuff I have seen in those colors. I don't want a sea of pink. Heck she might be a red head and teal might be her COLOR. :)
wee 2
We ended up getting the whale and crab onesie set top left. We needed some short sleeve ones. The dark blue one says Captain Adorable. Which I know some might say says "BOY" I say why can't Wee be a Captain? I loved the neon orange accents on them too! She has a little pair of orange or grey pants that will go so great with all them.
wee 3

Here is what we ended up with. 
Our list of what we were looking for:
*Sweaters or a warm layer that opens in front
*Short sleeve onesies
*Hats (sadly they didn't have any on sale. They had really cute ones that were white and neon pink but I wasn't going to spend $6 a piece on them)

The top two outfits were on the super clearance rack. We paid $6 a set and ended up with two sweaters, two pants and a onesie! We were very strategic in the colors we bought to go along with the stuff we thrifted and were gifted at our shower.

Click the image to visit the site. I will not get any credit but the stuff is ADORABLE. I was not compensated or asked to post this. I just loved all the cute little things and thought it would be fun to share a collage of things I'd like to see her in. I think the stuff is honestly even cheaper in store too. Looking at the prices online some was what we paid but a lot was more than what we paid.

Where is your favorite place to buy kids clothes? Even if you don't have a kid but buy for friends.

EDITED TO ADD because Dave thought it might not be clear. We only got the stuff in the last collage. I thought it was obvious but doesn't hurt to say so. 


Alison (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

I LOVE all the cute things you are gathering for the baby! Carter's is awesome, and they have fabulous online sales too. I Have found over the past four years (OMG FOUR?!?!?!) that Old Navy is my go-to. Sturdy, great prices, cute colors, and did I mention great prices? I wait for their 30% off deals and go straight to the sale portion of their sites. While E is a girly-girl she still prefers soft knits to play in, and they do great fleece and knit pants, leggings, knit dresses, fun tops, and fabulous skorts!

Great haul!

Teresa Kulupka said...

about 90% of the dood's clothes are from carters. we have an outlet near us too and it blows my mind that i can buy maybe $30 worth of clothing and have 15 items. plus it holds up really well and i tend to stick to one brand for consistency of sizes. i have noticed if i buy carters items at target or costco that they are sized differently and are lower quality. plus i can get better prices at carters anyway.

i do love to clearance rack shop at target, i bought a bunch of onesies for $2 in the next size up and some cotton pants for $3. there does seem to be an over abundance of girls clothes, so i'm very excited when i find cute boys things on clearance.

i stay away from kohls, too expensive even when on sale. same goes for jcp.

i have found some cute things at old navy online and less frequently in the store. their items are cute but you need to wait for the sales otherwise too expensive.

i do love to splurge at baby gap, such cute stuff, plus the fabric is so soft. but again it's usually clearance rack diving or wait for the 40% off sale online.

i'm jealous you get to pick out such cute girls outfits. the boys outfits just don't have as much variety.

byhillary said...

You need to hook up with my friend Bridgett. She just had a boy and she is going nuts with finding cute boy stuff. She finds the best things for her little dude!

nutmeg said...

Carters is a huge win - I live near the outlets in MA so the store down there has been my go-to for two babies now. They wear really well and having just pulled out a ton of my son's old onesies/sleepers for my 12 week old daughter, everything lasts!

I find that a lot of my summer clothes for my son were cheap/wore well from Kohls - their Jumping Beans line, when you have a good 20 or 30% off coupon, can be a steal. And pretty cute as well - although I've only been shopping there for boys stuff mostly in the past.

Jeans though? Old Navy hands down. Soft and not scratchy, wear well, and you can get toddler sizes for around $10. Not bad!

EvaNadine said...

i dont HAVE kids, so i cant speak to affordability or ruggedness of kids clothes, but my favorit eplace to SHOP for kids clothes is H&M. i swear if they made those clothes in adult sizes, i would dress my husband in them.
i guess it may be better held for when kids are a bit older and actually wearing their clothes for a minute before growing out of them. but just sayin' -- UBER cute!

grace said...

Six months in, Carter's is our standard, too. Great sales, and I love most of their stuff. I do wish they'd knock it off with the "Mommy's Little/Daddy's Little/Grandma's Little Whatever" on everything, but that's a fairly minor critique, all told.

You are going to enjoy baby dressing SO much. I didn't think it would be as much fun as it is with a boy, and it would be even more fun with a girl.

Chalkdust and Boots said...

We too love Carter's for Baby Boots. The clothes are so cute and so durable! My daughter definitely wore her male cousin's hand-me-downs and looked adorable in them! I've really been enjoying Gap for babies too, when I have coupons.

Andie said...

Carter's is great, but their sizing runs small.... but their clothes hold up really well. believe it or not, we are also fans of the Garanimals brand at Walmart which is really affordable too and we grab a lot of dressier stuff from TJMaxx (they sell a lot of designer stuff like Ralph Lauren and all) and then I also get andrew a lot of jon-jons/longalls and my friends with girls get their daughters little bishop dresses (which I think must be a southern thing)

byhillary said...

Dave and I were just complaining about the same thing. I got a "mommy loves me" onesie and I put it on my teddy bear because it was funny and wee isn't gonna wear it. He has it on with pirate pants for added humor

Katie said...

Carters are the best - they wear really well, wash well, and have great resale at consignment stores and on eBay - resale is how I managed to keep my son clothed until he was too big for the consignment store - at age 2, he was in a size 4T - no complaints here, he's 12 now and is 6'2" tall.