Thursday, December 20, 2012

Week 22 and 23

Woah dude I am BEHIND.

Week 22.2
Skirt regular section Target. It is made out of sweater like material. It is kinda rad. I couldn't tell if I should wear it over or below bump. Both looked odd. I ended up pulling the shirt out over it once I go to work because I AM A WUSS. Shirt and reversible thing Motherhood Maternity. Boots Dankso. This also happened to be Halloween. 

Week 22.4
Shirt Pea in the Pod. Sweater Motherhood Maternity. Jeans Old Navy, Boots Clark, Scarf Lands End Canvas. This is super casual like but it was so cuddly warm. My office is a damn ice box.

Week 22.7
Shirt Gap, ORANGE but looks red here jacket thing Target regular. OMG BUY IT. It is the best. This thing gets worn once or twice a week. it is awesome. It is sweatshirt like but isn't fuzzy on inside and it looks rad as hell. Plus since it is from regular section it will look just as good after!

Week 23.4
Shirt Pea in the Pod (yup same one as above. I wear it a lot) Jackety thing Motherhood Maternity. I spared you the bathroom background. I'm nice like that.

Someone asked for a bump photo that day so this was it at 23 weeks. I am wearing that same shirt today at 29 weeks 3 days and it looks a tish different.


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Lorena said...

WOW ... the baby is taking over :)
Happy holidays to you 3.

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Aw congrats on the little one! I think women should show off the bump, hate when they start wearing oversized clothes. The only time you're allowed to have a bump hehe