Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Practical Gifts Under $12

I never claimed to be a magical gift giver or person to give advice on the giving of gifts but I still dig it, I am not even going to pretend lots of people asked me to share one. One person did and I am related to them. Not sure they count. But I thought I would share my "Practical Stocking Stuffer under $12" Why $12? I was going to do it under $10 but there was one item I HAD to include and it retailed for $12.17 so I included it even though it was the only item over $10 and breaking that nice $10 mark.I chose all items from Amazon that qualified for Free Super Saver shipping if you spend $25. So if you are already doing some shopping these are great add on items to make sure you get that free shipping!

Everything I picked is PRACTICAL. I know holidays tend to be about getting someone something they wouldn't buy themselves but I have given all the gifts above and can't tell you how great the reactions are. People just don't think to get themselves fun little practical things often. 
Starting from top left going clockwise.
Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife $12.17
I think most everyone should have a swiss army knife. (Note I said most everyone) My dad gave me mine. He and my pop were never without theirs. Plus you will feel wicked awesome that day at work where someone is looking for a screw driver or tweezers and your McGyver self pulls that out and saves the day.
Reusable Snack Bag, $7.23
How many snack bags do you go thorough in your house? Probably too many. Get one of these. Save a few bags. I actually throw mine in the dishwasher every once in awhile. I don't know if you should but it still seems to work fine!
Cococare Cocoa Butter Super Rich Formula Cream - 4 Oz $3.60
Yeah Yeah I put cocoa butter on everylist I make all time. There is a reason for it. I can't make any lofty claims that it will be this way with everyone but it doesn't bother my sensitive skin and it WORKS. I get rashy from just about everything. Cocoa Butter always sinks in quickly, never leaves me sticky and you smell edible for a few minutes. Win, win win. Plus when you wash your hands it seems to come back to the surface a little. Kinda weird.
Rabbit Mini Portable Stand for iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3Gs, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S3, S2, S Phone, HTC and other Smartphones $9.99
Totally unnecessary device until you use it. Then you think "damn this is handy" I got one for free from a vendor fair at work. I prop my phone up on it on my desk on silent. If someone calls I can see it flashing and doesn't vibrate across my desk. I also take it to lunch sometimes and watch netfilx on it with my headphones. It also works great to set it up and take pictures too. This one just happens to kinda look like a rabbit. But anything that does the same thing is pretty awesome.
Rosebud Salve Lip Balm. 8oz Tin $6.30
This is a cult product to many beauty junkies. I bought it for my mil last year who had "dish pan hands" and she claimed that they instantly felt better. I mainly use it on really dry patches but the tin claims you can use it all over your body. Slip it in your pocket and use it in the winter when your nose is chapped and your fingers split. You will not regret it. Takes a few min to sink it and it does smell like roses but not too bad. I have known men who use it. Mostly on cracked hands.
Trendy "I used to care" Pill Case Vitamins Organizer Pillbox $6.30
Basically any pill box is a great gift. This one just made me laugh. Even if you don't rx on the regular there are so many pharmaceuticals that are great to have at hand.
tums, aspirin, tylenol. advil. multi vitamin, b6 (yup just the vitamin. It kicks nauseous ass. It is awesome) breath mints, the list goes on!
Carson Optical super-soft microfiber lens cloth for all Lenses and Eye Glasses $3.87
HUH? yeah I know it seems odd but this gift got so many comments this year. I got one for Dave on a lark. He put it on his keychain and went on his way. Then over the year times come up, your glasses are smudged, your screen on your phone is smudged. There is a fingerprint right in your line of sight on the inside of your windshield. He whips this out. I can't tell you how many people have said I WANT ONE after seeing his. I kick myself for not getting one myself. OH the best use is cleaning off the lens on your camera! 

Yes if you buy these items I might get .12 cents. But only if you buy through my link. Heck if you can find it cheaper somewhere please do so! I know I will. I just liked that I can add them on to my Amazon order because I refuse to pay for shipping.

What is your stocking stuffer gift giving strategy?


Dave said...

Awesome. I recall that I gifted your Moroccan Oil recommendation a couple years ago, and my wife still loves it. You are completely trustworthy, in my book!

Lorena said...

I have to agree!
The Victorinox knife is one of the best USEFUL things you can get anyone. DId you know they offer guarantee for life ?
I have a few and use them a lot.