Friday, November 09, 2012

Week 20 glamour shots *snicker*

All these outfits are from 4 days in a row week 20. Can you tell the temp shift? ha!

20.2 Not done on purpose but I seem to wear blazers on Tuesdays. I loved this. The blazer is regular target I just bought up. My dad gave me $ for birthday with "buy yourself something pretty" line. This was one of the things. The underside of collar is hot pink! Shirt Pea in pod. Flower is a barrette from H&M

0.3 I got this sweater from my gram for my birthday. She got it at "Targets"(she hates it but knows I love it so she shops for me there every holiday) It is regular but as she told me "Cecile said this is what all the girls where. You don't have to worry how big you get in it" Who are these girls? Last time I asked what the girls were they were the ladies on the Price is Right. I KID YOU NOT. That is where gram gets pregnancy fashion advice. That and her 72 year old sister.
Dress Motherhood. This sweater is not a color I would ever buy for myself because I feel I am more a blue red person but I like it and it is INSANELY soft.

20.4 This long shirt thing is Target Maternity(thanks dad!). I find there selection WEAK. I find more regular things there that work for maternity then their maternity stuff. I have a couple things from there though. This is something I will grow into. It is insanely long. I bet a college kid would wear it as a dress.

20.4 bump. I kept getting asked the day before for an update on it.

20.5 We were going out for our first Saturday without a commitment or company in months. Just to run a million errands. Check out sewing machines, hit the consignment store, see if we can see the crib we want in person etc. It ended up being HOT. This is SO not something I normally would have the balls to wear but hell why not! Leopard leggins Target regular (thanks dad!) and the top is Old Navy Maternity. Shoes J Crew from Heather's wedding. Purse bday gift from Dave. I loved how comfy this was but all day felt like I forgot to put on pants. How do people wear leggings as pants and not feel naked? I want to know how to do it!

I find it really hard to find a place to take a full length picture this time of year. I also lost the tiny stand I used to use to take my pictures with. But everyday is the same. I wear the same jeans almost every single day so you aren't missing anything on the bottom half of my pics. I now have a couple extra pants that Dave hemmed up for me so I do rotate a little more now but this was almost a month ago above.

It has been a year since I colored my hair. Insanity right? Except for the last few inches this is my natural hair color. I hadn't seen it since 1999. I thought it has darkened some since I was a kid but not as much as I thought once I went and pulled these pics. (which have been posted before, yes)

Always had bangsLucy - not as good twin (we'd never say bad)Matilda - good twin

I bet a few weeks in the sunshine and it would brighten back up. In the mean time it feels SO DULL to me. I have been forbidden from dyeing it. Not by my doctor though.... :P Any suggestions for non dye options to give it OOMPH. Don't say Henna. I promised my mom in 1994 I would never do it again and I don't go back on my word. :)


Cassykins said...

I love the blazer/stripey shirt picture. That one is probably my very favorite of all the outfits and your hair looks especially polished in it.

The only non-dye and non-henna thing I could think of for your hair were clip in colors/extensions. Those might be a little too middle-school, though. Are they cool again? I'm so not good at trends.

Franca said...

I used to feel the same about leggings as trousers, but somehow the pregancy has changed that and I wear them to work even. I figure people will be so distracted by the belly that they'll be too busy to judge my bum!

Megan Mae said...

I think the leggings look is great. The leggings are opaque and the tunic long enough to cover the important bits. I think it's like anything else, you gotta get used to it. I used to feel naked in dresses/skirts because I was used to only wearing pants.

As for henna, I kind of want to rant a bit about how the henna you probably used back then was either not real henna or had additives... because there is a hell of a lot of mis-information about henna.... but I will also say it's a complete pain in the butt to do on long hair anyway so you probably wouldn't WANT to do it.

Why not try a hair mask or other deep conditioner or non-permanent dye? Other than henna there are things like alma and cassia that will make your hair shiny and add a little gold color to it. is a good place to order.

byhillary said...

I can assure you It wasn't crap it was authentic real pure henna. My mom is a licensed thairdresser for 30 years. I don't have misinformation. I had a horrific reaction/result to it.
I am forbidden from any dye. Permanent or not.

Bridgett said...

You look so cute in all the outfits but my fav is the leggings and old navy top. I have been wanting to try the leggings look but don't have the guts. I tried some on and like you said I just felt like I forgot pants and wasn't sure what I would wear with them.

Love that pic of you with the cabbage patch doll. I wonder if your little girl will have red hair.

byhillary said...

@brdigett I wonder that. Dave's fam is ALL brunettes but mine has a little bit of the gamut. Dad and pop both had auburn hair like mine. But then we have some brunettes and a few blondes so it is a total who knows! Dave wants her to have my green eyes and red. I want her to have his dark hair and dark eyes.

IrishRedRose said...

Hmmm. No dye, so you'd have to pretty much go with styling or conditioning treatments or cuts, right? Well, your cut looks perfect...conditioning I'm sure you've got under control so I guess there's just styling. How about checking out some tutorial info about easy vintage looks?

Obviously for your face and style I would vote 30s-40s-50s, though you may have a bit of a beehive and some teased curls hidden in the depths of your soul! :-) I get the sense you don't do updos a lot, but personally, I think you have a very pretty neck and I see Gibson girl potential about you.

Anyway, it might just be fun! I've been meaning to do something along these lines for a while myself, made a few forays but nothing consistent.

BTW your real color is exquisite and flatters you greatly. :-)

byhillary said...

Oh I know how to use a teasing comb. And fake it. :)
I don't do a ton of updo a despite loving because they cause migraines.