Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This was week 20.7 I really loved this combo and it was only warm enough for it for like 3 days. We skipped over Fall here in New England. I loved this jeans. The whole 8 hours I go to wear them. My MIL got them for me when I was about 8 weeks pregnant and then I didn't get them hemmed until the the day before this. I had never had jeans like this. They weren't "skinny" and they weren't bootleg. They were like little pipes. I felt so hot and cute in them. UNTIL I GOT HOME. Dave said to me. "umm honey... what happened to your pants?"

Yup they were totally split. My orange undies were on full display. To who I don't know. I have no idea when it happened. And the next day my coworkers who always point out my flaws said they never saw it. The shirt was long.... oy vey. They were from Pea in the Pod. I brought them back and was told that I was NOT the first person that had happened to at all. They also assumed me I wasn't a moo cow like I kept saying and they did actually fit. The sales lady said they had a lot of problem with their "premium" denim. So I exchanged them for a $29. Motherhood pair that are fantastic!

Jeans Pea in Pod DO NOT RECOMMEND. Shirt Gap, hot pink thing Motherhood, Belt Target. Boots from a cowboy store my mom got at their sidewalk sale. Earrings Forever 21. Nails Sally Hansen!

Week 21.2 I loved this look. Blazer regular Target, Shirt H&M Maternity. It is hard to tell but the stripes are neon orange. Scarf Gap. I just felt pulled together.

Week 21.3 I am very particular about buying things I love. I don't like to buy things I only like. I loved this shirt. It is wicked long, regular Target, has a slouchy collar and pockets! I thought it was the cats pajamas in the store. Once I wore it to work I felt OFF. You know I just don't wear creams. I think they wash me out. The store lighting lied to me. I even held my phone in another hand to see if I could make the angle better. Nope. I wore it with a long sleeve shirt black under it hoping it would add color to it but it didn't help. 

Week 22.1 When I exchanged the busted pants I had $30 extra left over after getting a new pair of pants so I got this sweater. I have the exact same one in black. This time I went down a size and I love this one. The other is just too big and with a chunky knit fit matters. I wore it with a navy stripe tshirt and navy eye makeup. Not the fanciest of combos but people really liked it. I always hate to admit it but people like me in brown. As much as I fight it and wear black whenever I wear brown people comment.

You may be wondering WOW did Hillary find a new amazing bathroom with magic backgrounds? I DID or I potatoshopped it. I figured eh if I am going to take bathroom shots on my phone I could at least put in a little effort and make them look slightly better. :)

What are your Thanksgiving plans?
My family had a upheaval  this year with the tragic and sudden death of my only cousin, gram's only other grandchild at the end of August. He was the one I talked about often on here. It is so hard and every day is a harsh reminder. So for the first time ever we aren't doing Thanksgiving. Gram is going to her sisters and Dave and I are staying home. My uncle doesn't want to have a holiday and I don't blame him. While it sounds sad to do this I think it will be good for all us. Last thanksgiving was the last time we were all together in the same place and we can have that memory.

I miss you kid. You weren't just my cousin, you were my little brother. You drove me crazy sometimes but that was because I love you with all my heart and I miss you so much. You will always be my hero. Next year I hope my little girl and your little boy or girl to be can sit next to one another at the table just like we always did.


Cassykins said...

Hope you and Dave have a nice quiet day together. I don't think it's weird to skip a year. It's not like you're disbanding the family, understandably you all need time to cope and regroup, though. Lots of <3's to you guys.

Mary said...

1. You look so flippin cute in all of these!
2. Sending some love to you & your fam-- all holidays after losing someone are rough, but I know how hard the first one is. Hoping it's as peaceful and happy as it could be.

meet vann said...

1. your skull nails are adorable.

2. I love motherhood jeans! i bought a pair of berry colored skinny jeans that are sort of like a "brushed" fabric and im obsessed. ill be going back for some jeans for sure.

3. i think cream looks good on you & i love that sweater that ties :)

david said...

Sweet and sad, it has been a strange year.
Love the outfits and the new backgrounds are too funny.

Chalkdust and Boots said...

You are the cutest pregnant lady I've ever seen!

I'm sorry to hear about your family's rough time - a little time to regroup is never a bad thing. Hope it was peaceful.

Lorena said...

Aren't you looking cute ?
I really like the look with the small scarf at the neck, looks so chic.
Too bad about the jeans...