Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I have this giant backlog of outfits and somehow convinced myself I couldn't post anything until I post that. But that would mean things wouldn't be timely at all. So I give you Thanksgiving.

We stayed home. It was something we had only done once before in my entire life. It was actually absolutely perfect. Thanksgiving isn't a holiday I have ever been fond of and it was always uncomfortable for me. Even as a kid. I dreaded it. I didn't want anything to do with it. We did our own thing and it worked perfectly. I think next year we will insist on hosting it. We can blame the baby.

 We made it all from scratch. You kinda have to when you do gluten free. We made little rolls, a ham with leeks, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and stuffing.

nerds. We had spent the morning watching a White Collar marathon which inspired Dave to wear the hat. He knows I am a SUCKER for a man in a hat. Since it was inside our own house it wasn't a faux pas in my opinion. (pop was a stickler for that)

 We took pictures to send to our families.Someone couldn't wait to eat the rolls.

I am thankful for this amazing man. 

We also put up the tree. We bought a fake one. We always had small fake ones and Waffle is just too rough for them. Knocks them over in under a minute flat.

Lets not forget the year she climbed Dave to attack the tree before it was out of the box.


Right after we finished hanging only the unbreakable ornaments.  Fire hazard Santa came out again. Remember last year he showed up at my house and none of my family will fess up to leaving him. We ended up putting a skirt on the floor to make it look less odd.

Last year the cats kept drinking the water in the tree and eating the branches. I wrote a song about it.

Oh kitten tree oh kitten tree.
How tasty are your branches.
Your piney water and your shiny balls are mine. I'm gonna climb ya until Christmas time. Oh kitten tree oh kitten tree a bad idea for Christmas time.

I am going to have to track down another of these $1 stockings to make one for Wee that matches ours. 

Friday afternoon we hopped in the car and headed north for a couple hours to see the inlaws. This is officially my view when I look down in the car now!

My mother in law made cookies and Heather and I decorated them.

I had one just to see if I still don't like sugar cookies. I still don't. Shame they are so damn cute. Since my sister in law is also pregnant and only a matter of days behind us it was fun to pick her brain. She is also a pediatrician. I barraged her with a list of "these things keep me up at night" questions. One which made everyone laugh was. Where do you put the baby when it isn't sleeping. I know swings are 30 min a day limit. So where should it be the rest of the time for optimal baby health. She didn't laugh at a single question. Her baby is active. I got to feel him/her? move. It was insane to me because Wee I only just felt her for the first time that I KNOW that week. 25.5 weeks into it. And Wee is a light mover. It feels like a marshmallow poking me. SIL baby is like doing back handsprings. I can say though that Wee has taken a LARGE liking to my lungs. OY.

This made me ask my mil about her two pregnancies. Dave was a very very quiet baby in belly. He only moved small little bits and was mostly quiet. Which is exactly him as a baby and a person, shy personality until he got ear infections and had tubes. SIL was a VERY active in belly baby and a... *ahem* active child. I asked my mom and she said I moved so much I made her belly look deformed. I wouldn't sit still and I was all on one side or the other. I can't sit still to this day! I am always fidgeting constantly. But I was a quiet baby until I started getting ear infections and had to get tubes.

How was your Thanksgiving to my fellow USA people?


Bridgett said...

Your thanksgiving looks so cute and happy. Only one year did we decide to stay home and not go anywhere. That was the year my in-laws decided to come to our house. It was fun but I still want to try one thanksgiving where it's just us. Maybe next year it will just be us and the baby.

This year it was two different thanksgivings (one Thurs and one Fri). It was nice but just hectic and I was/am pretty irritable.

So what did your SIL say in response to your question about where the baby should be? I didn't know swings were a 30 min a day limit!? I've heard of a lot of people putting babies in there to sleep if they wouldn't sleep other places.

My little guy is not that much of a mover either and I get worried about it. There are days where he's more active but overall he's more quiet and softer jabs/kicks.

byhillary said...

You shouldn't let the baby sleep in swing. It will cause major sleep issues. It's in the manual to some. She said doing that your settings yourself for sleeping problems. She also said that and using car seats to sleep cause flat spots on their heads and she sees it OFTEN!

Her and mil said. On a blanket on floor or bed with you, playpen, special infant pillow seat, tummy time, carrier.

byhillary said...

She also mentioned she's seen babies who were delayed in walking and stuff because they were always swung or in a car seat and not enough tummy time and building core muscles.

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

I did hear swings called neglectomatics before. My son loved his, I do think I may have overdone the 30 min but we did lots of tummy time... something to think about this next time though since he's not a good sleeper.
I LOVE sugar cookies and so wish that I did not.

Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

byhillary said...

marie. I am the worst ever I didn't realize you were expecting! Congrats! I feel like a jackass I didn't notice!

Franca said...

Your thanksgiving food looks delicious! We will be on our own this Christmas (hopefully with a tickly tiny newborn), it will be so weird. I can't wait til saturday when we will take the christmas decorations out!

Lorena said...

Happy late Thanksgiving.. it seems like you had a good time :) The food looks amazing - and i guess blaming the baby for hosting Thanksgiving next year is the best excuse ever. It's also a great way to start a tradition.
i am wondering what Waffles ate that night.

byhillary said...

Waffle ate her regular kibble unfortunately. We forgot to leave any ham unglazed b