Monday, November 19, 2012

SmartBuyGlasses your affordable designer frame retailer

Glasses are such a big deal to me. People say the first thing someone sees about you is your face and glasses are front and center! When I have to buy new glasses it is always a long involved process until I find THE ONE. 

When SmartBuyGlasses asked me to check out their site I instantly thought I needed to change my email password because I had just emailed my husband some ideas for his new glasses. His appointment for his exam is today in fact. 

After checking out their site I am impressed. My first reaction was to check for the pairs both Dave and I currently have. They had my current Tiffany frames and Dave's Prada frames. The display all the dimensions for those particular frames we already wear so that is a great jumping off point to figure out if something else would fit us since they are an internet retailer. We both looked for quite awhile in stores to find our frames so I was majorly impressed they had them AND were cheaper than the big name store we use last time. Dave's were $75 cheaper! That is a big deal when you are making such an expensive purchase. 

SmartBuyGlasses also has a Buy One, Give One program where for every pair you purchase they donate a pair to someone in need. That is a fantastic idea and I think more companies really need to get on board with that! You are saving money and helping someone out. WIN WIN!

They have all the name brands, Ray Ban Glasses, Persol Glasses and my personal favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses. With over 150 designer brands, 40% off retail, free shipping and free cleaning kit they are really worth checking out before you buy your next pair of glasses!

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