Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Week 17 and Week 18

From the week of September 24th on.

How far along: 17 weeks

How big is baby: an onion

Total weight gain: +4.6

Best moment of the week: We had company that week. Dave's sister and her husband. Friday night we went to see a comedian and Saturday we sat around the kitchen counter and talked all afternoon. It was nice.

Food cravings: No cravings but we got a bunch of breakfast stuff from a local gluten free bakery that morning and there was pumpkin chocolate chip bars and I was so horrified by the idea. I thought NO WAY. (which is weird cause I love pumpkin truffles) and I finally had it cause it was all there was left and it was tasty. Normally I wouldn't of even of tasted it but I was hungry and have to eat. So not a craving but I was willing to try something I normally wouldn't.

Symptoms: Headaches still.Heartburn and indigestion from EVERYTHING. Literally everything.

Gender: Don't know yet.

What I’m looking forward to: my birthday next week! Next year my birthday will have another guest too!

What I miss: Now this is silly but I have a sudden urge to go to Disney. It wouldn't be fun skipping all the roller coasters though!

Next appt: Second week of October

Husband perspective: I've been trying to be supportive and helpful for the new mom without treating her like an invalid. I want to protect her and make it all go ok but life is stressful and you can't control everything so I do what I can. We have been making an effort to spend more time with family. We really want baby to have a strong relationship with everyone.

Photos from week 17.


From the week of  October 2nd

How far along: 18 weeks

How big is baby: Sweet potato

Total weight gain: +5.2

Best moment of the week:  My birthday! My dad and step mom and gram came on my actual birthday and we had lunch and sat around and chatted for hours. 

Food cravings: None. Food is still a battle. 

Symptoms: Headaches. Redux. 

Gender: Don't know yet. I'm guessing boy. Dave guesses girl. 

What I’m looking forward to: Next week we find out thr gender and we are having a gender reveal/birthday party. Well it's a birthday party but we are using it as a chance to tell everyone since we will be all together. 

What I miss: Wearing my fitted waist dresses. 

Next appt: Second week of October NEXT WEEK
Husband perspective: It's amazing how baby has hijacked Hillary's body. Foods, smells, sleep, body, and on. Things that were once go-to favorites are now off limits today and back in favor tomorrow. We are excited to integrate baby into the family and talk at length about where we will go, what we will do, and how baby might react. We are excited for the anatomy sonogram next week and finding out what pronouns we should be using. It's getting hard to talk about baby as "it" and "they" and "bean." We are planning the reveal and looking forward to surprising people at once. 

Photo from week 18

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