Thursday, October 11, 2012

Playing catch up with my outfits

I have a backlog of photos in my fancy photography studio (work bathroom) I will do it over two post because I have more than 8 or so at this point.

Another blogger Freeda was talking about adorable pregnant bloggers and it blew my mind. I feel SO unlike me and I am not digging that feeling and want to stomp it out.

From the past few weeks what I have been wearing. Also my magic bump that comes and goes on it's own whim.

Now I know this one is sometimes after September 1st but I don't remember when. I'd guess it is probably week 15ish?? Dress Destination Maternity, Tights Target, Shoes JCrew I liked this one.

Week 16.2 Dress and bird scarf Gap, Blazer American Eagle (OLD!) I liked this. I felt a bit professory.

Week 16.3 I liked this one in my head more than in actuality. The shirt is by Motherhood the blazer you've seen dozens of times if Forever 21 and Scarf is H&M The front of the shirt if drapey and it just doesn't convey in photos. Also the blazer is grey and the shirt white dots and it just didn't go like I thought it might. Black and red and white are still my favorite clothing combo though. Maybe if I wore a red lip? (talking our loud at this point)

 Week 16.7 Sweater Kohls Apt 9. This was an early birthday present from my MIL. I included a bump pic.  Yet I still find myself googling other people's bumps at the same stage. Shirt Motherhood, Necklace Mark by Avon

Week 17.1 Dave picked out this sweater in the store. At the store I LOVED it. I thought it was the cutest thing. All day wearing it? I HATED it. I mean hated. But people seem to adore it. Looking at this photo I will admit it is cute as hell. Sweater Motherhood, Shirt is Pea in the Pod, Necklace Target (OLD)

I bought the dress too big thinking I'd grow into it but I wanted to WEAR IT so I slapped a belt on it and the only way I can wear a belt is up high. Dress is from Destination Maternity another Dave pick. Belt is Target. Bracelet Marc by Marc Jacobs..

Enough whining for you? I apologize. I will make it up a Waffle pic. We have this body sized bean bag chair called a Yogibo and we stand it on end when not in use. Waffle thinks it is a very expensive cat bed.

Rough life huh cat?

EDITED TO ADD. I went back and edited this post because it was coming off like I was complaining and I really don't want to come off that way. I don't. It was a hard road to here I am crazy grateful I just can't get out of my own way some days and this morning was one of them so I came back and edited it.


Lorena said...

Oh Hillary I am sorry you are not feeling your best.
I can only imagine that it takes times getting the feel of it... and by the time you are probably setting the baby will be born :)
I actually love the way you look in that dress and high belt - :)

freeda said...

Oh, girl I would wear that houndstooth dress pregnant or not. That is hella cute. I also love the purple outfit and the bulky sweater outfit.

You had talked before about having some body issues in the past and I know that this is a hard time since you have next to no control over what is happening. But you just have to keep telling yourself that it is temporary.

For a lot of people, your body is changed forever by pregnancy and I think that's the worst kind of anxiety, not knowing how it will go. But most people, if they are willing to put effort into eating right and exercise, get pretty easily back into close to original shape. Especially after only one kid (it's subsequent kids that really do a number on ya!)

What's the worst case scenario, anyway? You're still you, you're still married to the amazing Dave, you have an awesome baby, and you're a little fat? Life could be a lot worse.

byhillary said...

Freeda the weird thing is I am halfway through at this point and I've only gained 6 lbs. But my size has changed soOOO much.
It's that I can't wear anything I had. Things I had collected so I am making do and that is what is bothering me. I felt those were me. these are what I can find.

byhillary said...

That all said I am NOT complaining. I know it sounds like I am but I am just talking through what is in my head.
The only thing I REALLY have to complain about is the damn headaches!

Bridgett said...

I love all the outfits but especially that houndstooth dress! so cute. Most of my clothes still fit me but they don't fit the same so I can relate. Keep your eyes on the prize. :)

byhillary said...

Please don't think I don't have my eye on the prize. See comment above. You can have your eye on the prize but it doesn't make the other issues poof go away. I wish it would.

Like I have been grieving and people say "remember the good times with him" but its like OK but he is still dead and it freaking hurts. Know what I mean??

Megan Mae said...

Aww I actually like the last outfit best of all. I can understand it must be a very insane time for body image. Considering how many preggers bloggers are in my blogroll right now, I think you're definitely one of the cutest dressed.

Sorry to hear the migraines are still going on!