Friday, October 12, 2012

Playing catch up part 2.

Week 17.4 This jackety thing is great. It has a scoop waist and is totally reversible! From Destination Maternity along with the shirt with the cute button cuffs.  I paired it with seafoamy accents to break form my normal add red routine. The cords are from Kohls. I wore this out after work to dinner and to see Brian Regan the comedian with my sister and brother in law. I will add it was POURING that day. I am so glad I wore black. You couldn't tell when I got wet!

Week 17.7 Grey cords and shirt Gap, belt from Target. I wore this with an electric purple sweater from Land's End Canvas. (kinda see below) The sparkle Danksos were my birthday present to myself. I had wanted them for awhile since I had red and blue Dansko but wanted something that went with more. I know they are a bit young but I DON'T CARE! SPARKLE ! The neony orange watch is from Target you can get different bands for it. I thought it was hilarious it was the exact bright orange in the shirt. You know I like to match. The necklace is a Mexican Bola ball it has a chime in it and you wear it on your belly and once the baby is born it will know the noise and you can wear it shorter around your next to soothe them then you hold them. I got it from a friend for my birthday.

Week 18.2 Dress Target, Sweater Kohls. Bola necklace again, shorter necklace my sil made. I wore this with boots and no tights. I felt very autumnal.

Week 18.3  I saw this sweatshirt thingy at Target in an orange and white stripe and while it was "casual" in material I knew I could spice it up. They didn't have the orange in a bigger size than I am now so I went with the grey. I am so glad I did. It is super cuddly. The low front makes it feel more fancy and gives you space to wear a scarf. I wore the bird scarf from Gap (see yesterday post for detail) and bird house earrings because I think I am funny.

All clickable today and yesterday! Figured the phone images sometimes need enlarging to see better.

Any plans this weekend? We are having a birthday party for me and a gender reveal while everyone is there!


Cassykins said...

Your sparkle Danskos are kind of amazing. The bird scarf, too, I think it might be the same release as the elephant scarf my friend has.

freeda said...

Love the belted top!

This weekend's plans are mostly musical. I run a ukulele club, and we meet on Saturday. Then Sunday is the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain performing at MSU, which will be quite a drive but I will see a ton of friends there.

I am going to try to get to the Art Institute sometime this weekend to see the Corning glass show before it ends.

Can't wait to find out which variety of little bean you're having!

Lorena said...

Oh that jackety reversible thing is nice - now that i think of it i don't think i have anything reversible.
I dont think i have ever heard of the Mexican bola but i have to admit i love the logic behind it.
You look beautiful in the Kohls dress and i think its a girl ;)

Megan Mae said...

Holo-sparkles! Cute shoes. I think the dark colors make them age-appropriate. The grey sweatshirt looks extra cozy. So many of my cold-weather clothes are grey, the color just reminds me of cuddling up.

laniza said...

I really like your autumn dress from Target. I think you're having a girl, too.