Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More outfits! Now with more bump

More back log outfits. Everything clickable. Been working on that for you if you really want to see details I know it is necessary.

18.6 I wore this the day after my birthday to go apple picking with my inlaws.  Jeans same pair I wear everyday Pea in the Pod clearance rack. Sweater Motherhood, Shirt Motherhood, Purse BDAY PRESENT FROM DAVE! We are very different in a lot of things.When I met him he only wore a navv or grey shirt and khakis. About a month before my birthday a coworker gave me a $100 off any Coach purse coupon cause she said "I know you shop there" I laughed. I never shop there. That's Dave's place. I gave him the coupon and said I AM NOT ASKING FOR A PURSE, SERIOUSLY.... But if you do, here is a coupon. When I did get this for my birthday I had totally forgot and I don't assume things so it was a total shock and when I pulled it out of the dust bag and saw hot pink OMG! Dave?? YOU got me hot pink?? He said "I know YOU love it" Damn I love that man.

19.1 This is what I wore to find out what the baby was. I said I need to look nice in case she can see. :P Blazer regular Target, shirt Motherhood. Wore with Dark Jeans and boots.

19.2 I loved this outfit. The shirt is ENORMOUS. I didn't try it on in the store. I can't wear it on it's own so throw a sweater over it! Both clearance from Gap. I love this plum color. People in real like dug it too. I think because it works well with my green eyes it is a good color for me despite what the bathroom lighting says :P I mean FANCY PORTRAIT STUDIO. I totally potatoshopped the stalls out.

 19.3 I am never going to be one of those beautiful fashion bloggers who takes their pictures prancing through the woods in high heels looking like OOH you caught me, look coy, touch hair. I don't dislike them, hell I am jealous of them. My life isn't that pretty. You can't walk into my house and take a beautiful photo like many of them seem to. Hell I live in the city. We don't have woods! My front yard is bricked. How do these people always look so pretty??? For every one pic I post on blog there was 45 I didn't cause I looked awful. But just for your guys and the sake of the blog I found a tree nymph infested forest and took a pic for you. Totally weird how it has the same lighting as my work bathroom huh?
Shirt Target regular, Sweater Gap, Bracelets weird hippie store, Tiffany and gift from friend's trip to Venice.

19.4 I loved this outfit not because of how it looks even though its cute but because IT FELT RIGHT. Everything was cotton.Shirt H&M (wish I got detail) Pants Pea in the Pod, Sweater Kohls I want to say Daisy Fuentes which makes me giggle.


outfit idea

I got this skirt because I was feeling so UNLIKE myself and I wanted something that felt more "regular" me. Now I am not sure how to wear it. I tried it on with a black shirt and and cardigan and it was just BLAH. Trouble is I HAVE to wear an extra layer my work is so cold sitting under a vent all day. This is how I would of worn it before but is it all too much paired with a belly? Click the links if you are interested these are all actual items I own. NO I don't get a single dime if you get anything. The skirt is regular Target and its super soft stretchy sweater.

Tucked in was a bit too cha cha for me right now. Maybe eventually :) This is with the only plain black top I have. I tried it on with a magenta one but it was like OMG TOO MUCH GOING ON.


freeda said...

Love the top three pics especially.

And I agree about the effortlessly chic bloggers. They're kind of obnoxious, I think, but in reality it's all down to my envy of them.

alltumbledown said...

Great skirt! I've been less experimental with my pattern mixes since showing visibly. I feel out-there enough with my bump that I've definitely scaled back my crazy. As you saw last week, I paired my leopard skirt with a black tank and olive green cardigan-- maybe a similarly muted but not black sweater/cardi will work with yours?

byhillary said...

alltumbledown thats the problem I don't have one yet but it is on THE LIST. I am too nervous hence the mockup. Which my husband found hilarious.

Cara said...

I love the saturated colours you are wearing in many of these! Have you tried red with the leopard, or, like the magenta would it be too much?

Megan Mae said...

Can I be a total creeper for a second? I've always considered you/your blog/style to be so clean and cute and totally enviable. Even your pregnancy wear has been totally cute and adaptable. Fo' get about the manufactured teens blogging - Your style is real life style, which I like better than any "editorial" style blog.

Also I really love your animal print skirt - I thought you were wearing bright blue shoes with it at first and now I almost want to go buy some animal print.

byhillary said...

@megan mae why would that be creeper? nerd.

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

I don't think it's too much at all- the bump is fab and should be shown off.

anotheryarn said...

You cracked me up with the photoshopped frolicking forest photo. Your lack of frolicking forest photos, and your realness is what keeps me reading.

dotty said...

oooh! the bag is super pretty in magenta!