Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gender reveal

I am posting this before my week 19 summary because some people told me to hurry up and post it already! ha!

On Saturday we had my birthday party / gender reveal party. We figured why not do it while we had everyone in one place! This post is super photo heavy but this was after me whittling it all down! All are click able and should be pin-able to Pinterest as well.(if you click on a pic and it doesn't enlarge. refresh your window. I noticed it is being weird and I reuploaded all pics and it still does it but only sometimes.)

Dave and I made everything for the party EXCEPT the soup and the mini pecan pies. My MIL kindly made those. Dave even made the invitation above. I kid you not, gram called and said "are those the names you are thinking of using?" Yes gram I am naming my kid Batman.

I may or may not of stuck it out a little for a cuter pic :P
The favor table.

I took this photo too early in the day. I didn't take a pic of the final totals but I have the board at home and I didn't erase it. The final had one extra vote on one side but I can't remember which side! The votes above were from friend's on Facebook. I made those little circle stickers and made all the guests wear their vote.

We had found out 4 days before the party what we were having but I refused to tell anyone. So we kept up with what we had thought through out the whole party. I had sworn it was a boy, Dave was adamant it was a girl.

Our votes. So we wore the respective stickers. It totally threw people off. Trying to figure out who was "lying" I said it wasn't lying. It was what we thought the past 5 months.

I bought this jar for our wedding in 2002 and hadn't used it since. I saw these lights at Target for $4.99 and thought OOH I know what to do with it!

My in laws bought some flowers to display around. I made this little arrangement. Maybe I have a future in flower arranging? EH?

I made 18 cups of Chex puppy chow the night before to fill all these little Mason jars. I wanted to give people something they could reuse. Dave cut out circles of paper to add over the lid on the top to make it more fun.

Dave made 4 strands of bunting from scarpbooking paper I had. He even double sided them because he is clever (what if someone walks to other side and sees it blank!) smart boy.

For plates I wanted something gender neutral and not too "baby" I totally would of bought these plates regularly! The napkin had a carriage on it but the plates didn't.

We made up all the food on Saturday before the party. The salad was out wedding salad. Spinich, candied pecans (homemade) craisins and goat cheese and I made a homemade red wine vinegar, maple mustard dressing. 

Fingerling potatoes with rosemary, Chicken Satay and Teeny Weenies. Those are so easy. Put in crock pot with grape jelly and mustard. Cheaper the better. THAT IS IT. The food was kinda all over the place in flavors but they were all things I liked. The only thing we didn't get a picture of was the Zuppa Toscana the potato sausage kale Olive Garden inspired soup my MIL made. IT IS MY FAVORITE and also something we served after our wedding. Everyone slurped it down. Actually there were no leftovers. All the food got eaten. That's what happens when you invite a 23 year old boy!

I had been wanting to make this a long time. Dave made a simple ginger syrup and we put it in lemonaid. It was a big hit. My gram liked it a lot. Wants me to make it for my shower. She picked on me for buying the decanter but then said how much she liked it and to bring it to the shower. Those are fruit lemonaid ice cubes. So as to not water it down.

The cake. We made the cake the night before after a long day of work and errands. We forgot the crucial step. DYEING THE CAKE. OOPS. Didn't realize until it was in the oven. Solved the problem with a colored frosting in the middle. Dave decorated it. People were so funny trying to guess the answer based on how we dyed the frosting. I said NO way people we made a fresh batch of color for each step! Dave used a Ernie and Bert album as the base because it just happened to be the perfect size!

Grandpa to be.

My mom lives in Florida so she wasn't able to come. So we did live video Facetime with her! I even put her vote for a boy on the bottom of the screen.

I let my gram cut the cake. She wasn't able to find out what her babies were until they were born and they didn't know what I was either. She voted it was a boy but wanted a girl. She made that well known. You can see her screen out the answer at the end.


Both my gram and my MIL bought two presents. A boy and a girl one. We got the girl ones after we cut the cake.

Her first outfit. I did end up getting the boy outfit too. It was SO DAMN CUTE. I am not too worried about gender roles. Our little girl will wear cute little "boy" striped onsies too! But you better believe I can't wait to buy some froofroo pink stuff!

We would of been happy with boy or girl. But for the past 16 years the majority of our child conversations (97%) have been about "our little girl" The plan is for more than one so hopefully we get the little brother next time :)

Oh and because people keep asking "how did Dave react?" He squealed. Literally.

Edited to add. The plates, tin buckets, mason jars, plastic forks and knives and drink decanter and cups are all from Target. 


Andrea said...

I'll admit it, scrolled to the bottom first to find out pink or blue THEN read your post :)

Congratulations on your baby GIRL!!!

Missy said...

Yay! Congrats on the little girl!

Megan Mae said...

Awww congrats! (and happy birthday!)

mamichan said...

what a cute party! and congrats on your little girl :)

laniza said...

Congratulations!! And, happy belated birthday. She is so loved already :).

Bridgett said...

Yay!! I love this post! I think your party sounds perfect & am so happy for you.

freeda said...

Awwww!! I waited till the very end to find out. No cheating. Congrats!!!!!

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

Congratulations!! And what a great idea to have a double party...loved all the neat touches!

EvaNadine said...

congratulations to the both of you! im sure little Catwoman will be super-loved! ;)

Jane said...

Awesome! Your party looked fabulous and what an awesome way to do a gender reveal. You are such a clever couple! Congratulations on the impending arrival of your little sweet pea! :)

Lorena said...

Oh i knew it !!
Congrats to you and Dave :) and happy birthday!
I loved they way you set up everything for the gender reveal.... how very creative.

grace said...

Oh my! I have been out of touch with blogs and didn't know you were expecting! I am so excited for you! Congratulations!

whenlifehandsyouapear said...

What a fantastic looking party, and congratulations to you both! How exciting! LOVE that little girl outfit with the floral pleated collar!