Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I have been wearing.

A couple of my friends asked if I was going to post pregnancy fashion. I kinda made a face. Who wants to see the chubby chick who isn't big enough for maternity and is busting out of regular is what my mind said. Instead I posted a few things on Instagram and well people were digging it. I felt a tiny bit less like a orca. (I don't know about others but this whole don't quite look it but definitely bigger stage BLOWS)

Here is what I have worn this past week.

I'm all boobs in this shirt but the bottom is very loose.

Shirt clearance brand is Motherhood Maternity. Bought at Destination Maternity.
Sweater Forever 21, Necklace Tiffany. My baby cousin died tragically last week. I wasn't going to get into it on the blog it hurts too much right now, but you will see this necklace a lot. I want his near my heart right now. Dansko clogs,  Bracelet Target, Earrings I made.

The bottom is kinda too big right now so it just adds weight. The sales lady made me put on the big belly in the dressing room and she was totally right it looks wicked cute when you are enormous. It is black and white which is kinda hard to tell here.

I felt like boobs mcgee in this shirt in photos. In person people LOVED it. People who never comment on what I wear said they liked it. They just feel bad I am expanding. :P (Hey 8 yr weight watchers lifetimer. Gaining weight is hard for me mentally. I'll be totally honest)


I had to prove to myself that it was an optical illusion and the bottom isn't that big. 14 weeks.

Not sucking it in. :p


Shirt Motherhood Maternity again. Dave picked this one out. The front is silky the back is tshirt. Sweater Kohls.

I feel like a rockabilly picnic attendee. When I told a coworker that she gave me a librarian tattoo.
I feel like a rockabilly picnic attendee. When I told a coworker that she gave me a librarian tattoo.

I feel like a rockabilly picnic attendee. When I told a coworker that she gave me a librarian tattoo.

Another clearance rack Motherhood Maternity shirt. I already had an ample bosom as Blanche would say so shirts with room in the boobs is AWESOME.
Pants Oh Baby Kohls clearance, Sweater Old Navy, Shoes these are the JCrew ones I mentioned yesterday. Oh and earrings I made, Bracelet Marc Jacobs.

Asos dress, Kohls oh baby sweater, librarian tat, Dansko sandals, Chanel lipstick in color Paris

Asos dress, Kohls oh baby sweater, librarian tat, Dansko sandals, Chanel lipstick in color Paris.

And here is what I wore today.


Shirt Lauren Conrad for Kohls. My gram always goes on and on about Kohls and I never had one near me I purposefully went last week because someone told me they had a cheap maternity section. They totally did and I saw this gem. I didn't buy it but when I checked out they gave me $20 Kohls cash. I went online used this and an online coupon and got this for about $10. It isn't maternity but who the hell cares. ITS SO PRETTY. I don't know what I think about the high low hem line though.
Bracelet my sil made, Ring Forever 21, Earrings some craft store in Halifax.

I will go and see if I can get links to the stuff I have on because it was all cute and cheap and if you are knocked up maybe you want to check that stuff out??

OK found it all! The pants though are only $10 in store! Don't pay $25 online price. That is just silly. Click to visit the stores they are from I will NOT get any commission. Just sharing this time :)



Teresa Kulupka said...

i wish you were pregnant 30 weeks ago so i could copy you and buy these great items. my wardrobe consisted of old navy tshirts and yoga pants. you look terrific!

freeda said...

You look wonderful. I don't see a single fail in that batch.

I hear you on gaining pregnancy weight when weight control has been hard. Just remember, you know how, you have a proven track record, and you'll get back to goal weight in good time. Be kind to yourself.

Di said...

You look adorable. Also, I'm wishing some of those tops were NOTmaternity stuff, so I could copy your look. Love the red flats - how comfy/supportive are they?

I'm a die-hard Dansko fan, wondering if they will do.

byhillary said...

dont let the fact that it is maternity stop you. It just means it will stretch out!

Flats are super comfy. Stupid expensive though. I'm sure someone makes a cheaper alternative that are just as cute.

Di said...

Good point, but I've tried, and maternity + extra boobage = hot mess. Drat. Although that skinny belt...perhaps. perhaps that might work.

Megan Mae said...

Totally loving all these looks, especially the first two. The stars and the birds. <3 adorable. Kohls can sometimes have really good deals. My aunt manages one a few towns away so I tend to get a lot of gifted items from Kohls.

Cara said...

That Asos dress? Amazeballs. Please promise me you'll keep that post-pregnancy, too! I have no doubt you'll find 100 amazing ways to wear it

Jessica said...

Geez. I almost bought that Lauren Conrad for Kohls shirt a week or so ago, but I'm not nearly as creative with it and I felt funky so I put it back. Dang it. It's so cute on you.

C Lo said...

Yep. That stage is THE WORST! When I got preg with #2, I IMMEDIATELY got this RIDICULOUS "spare tire" and I told my husband "If I'm not pregnant, I'm going to kill you".