Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 15

From the week of September 11th on.

How far along: 15 weeks. (My weeks go Tuesday to Monday just for perspective)

How big is baby: Navel Orange (is that bigger than a regular ol' orange?)

Total weight gain: +4.2 I think. (edited to add. That might be high though. I'll explain why next week) I haven't been amazing about calculating it. I did weigh myself at one point and jot it down hence having any sort of number. I know it fluctuates like crazy through out that day. From morning to night I've seen it change 4 lbs.

Best moment of the week: I don't remember WHAT it was regarding but it was something baby related and I should of known the answer to and Dave popped in with the answer. Oh and getting more 20% off coupons for BuyBuyBaby. I am hoarding them. They don't expire until next year and I plan to use them on any big items.

Food cravings: None. I mostly still don't like food. It isn't that I am sick it is just that I have absolutely no interest in food. Nightly we have this discussion
Dave "what do we want for dinner"
Me "I don't care. Whatever. Ugh"

Symptoms: Daily headaches and a lovely peppering of migraines thrown in for good measure.

Gender: Still about a month until we find out. As of this week I am guessing boy.

What I’m looking forward to: Getting out of the looking chubby to the actual looking pregnant part. Dude I'll be honest, emotionally it is really hard for me right now. I KNOW it is a baby but I fear it just looks like I am letting myself go. A guy friend actually had some great words of wisdom on all that. If you knew him you'd never imagine him to have pregnancy advice.

J: well as long as you're not like internalizing the stress. bad for you, bad for baby.
me: oh i eat it for breakfast
J: i prefer yogurt
me: im a ball of stress and irrational thoughts
J: i put a little honey and some stress in it,  haha, well, this will be more hormones than you probably have ever had going on in your entire life so don't try too hard to live up to your own image of yourself.

Kinda of genius advice huh? Probably because of who it was coming from. He is not a soother, a placater, the gentle soothing friend. He tells it like it is and that's why we are still friends 19 years later.(not everyone can get away with that.) Don't worry though later in the same conversation he called me short, ah that's the J I know.

What I miss: Imitrex. Please don't tell me you took it and it was perfectly safe. I met with a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist for this very reason and she said absolutely no way. I didn't know she was some fancy doctor when I met her, she wrote this book! 
I also miss eating the cold ham at the deli that the deli guy holds out to you to ask if that was sliced how you like it. My SIL is a doctor and I asked her opinion on was that really a big deal, she said as a pediatrician she has seen cases of babies with Listeria so it really is best to only eat lunch meat cooked.

Next appt: Next week

Husband perspective: I know it is becoming more “real” because I have been feeling very protective though I am losing the battle miserably. I want everything to be “ok” – no stress, no worry, no problems – and for weeks that is all we have had. For those of you that read regularly you know what I mean – trips to the ER, fainting, car accidentS, gram’s stroke, Brandon, and on and on. Now, I realize life is what happens while you’re busy making plans, but why all at once and why now that we are pregnant? I have been worried for Hillary and for baby that too much stress isn’t good and what if this and what if that. I was talking to someone about this concern recently and she said “You know what? You are going to have the most well-adjusted baby that can deal with stress and adversity without any problems.” So that’s my new mantra – stressful pregnancy, stress free baby. Catchy, no? I’m not sure if I believe it yet, but it’s only fair.

Only photos from week 15.



Jane said...

You are beautiful Hillary! :)

Meanwhile, I need that bracelet! It is too gorgeous!

Lorena said...

I'm sorry to hear about your daily headaches... may I say you look very beautiful ?