Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wedding attire. Finished product.

Remember that collage above I made in either May or June for upcoming weddings I was going to? Well we only ended up making it to one of those weddings. I kick myself everyday we didn't go to the first one but I had just found out I was pregnant and I couldn't get out of my own way. It would of been 4 days in the car for 8 hour stretches and I couldn't go more than 45 minutes without peeing. But the other wedding was this weekend!

Camera Roll-4022

The finished dress. My mother in law made it. I actually got shoes to go with it too. But the morning of the wedding my mother in law surprised me and H the bride (Dave's sister) with pedicures and my shoes were closed toe. Good thing I had worn red sandals that day for the drive! I was peer pressured into these by JCrew in poppy. No seriously they totally made me buy them. Damn family! ha. (I am not joking.) The bride got them in turquoise suede. I have worn them a bunch to "break them in" the past few weeks and they are SO damn cute. They have a tiny hidden heel so you don't feel like you are totally on the ground. 

Camera Roll-4029

Dave's new and improved family! B the guy in the blue is the latest addition.

The wedding was nice, well the part I wasn't laying on the bathroom floor (actually that part was nice too. It was cold and quiet and Dave scratched my head). OH. Pregnancy migraines are ASSHOLES. Sorry but they are. I can't take my normal meds either so I just have to ride the wave and hope Tylenol helps. (Almost never does)

Like H's wedding dress? I picked it out. Dave found the shoes. We are great shopping buddies.Seriously we don't screw around. We were done with the whole shebang in like an hour.
It is the most beautiful water colored silk number. I wish I got a pic of the back. Oh and she wore earrings Dave made for me years ago for something borrowed. (I am pretty sure H taught him how to make earrings originally so it's pretty circle of life in that way)

recycled jewelry

How was your weekend?

I had a migraine for the entire weekend. On Sunday I tried to scare it away with McDonald's (which kinda totally worked for a few hours. Something about the salt. I asked my SIL an actual doctor and she told me the reasoning. I didn't follow. I heard EAT SALT) and I discovered THIS.

WTF is this???????

OK OK I get it. America is getting too fat. This is actually a fantastic idea. Kids don't need all that crap. A smaller size and apple slices is great for them. For me it was a total shock because obviously I hadn't got a happy meal in a long time. I was like WTF IS THIS? We took like 5 photos of putting various things next to it for humor sake. When I went up to the counter to order an actual small fry the guy laughed and told me the trick is to order the Mighty Kids meal.


freeda said...

Haha, that is an excellent WTF face. :)

Cute dress!

Megan Mae said...

The dress turned out so great! Congrats to your expanding family (both the marriage and the pregnancy) Hope the migraines pass though. It's never fun to have a migraine.

I still laugh at the tiny fries! Also I remembered after our twitter conversation why I usually get the regular cheeseburger meal with small fry/medium drink. The 'mighty kids' meal comes with a McDouble. At least here. I'm the pickiest person when it comes to eating out, lol.

McKristie said...

The dress turned out beautifully!

Also I am glad you used the Danskos - I still love those and am sad that mine did not last - I tried the Korkease ones and they just are not as comfy!

Jessica said...

The tiny fries are hilarious!

My best friend suffers from migraines and is newly pregnant. She is swearing by caffeine. She gets a small dose daily (usually via soda) to ward off the nasty migraines. I know nothing about migraines and I would assume everyone is different. But I thought it might be worth sharing.

byhillary said...

Yeah thank you I do the caffeine daily at the suggestion of my doctor. It does HELP it doesn't stop. OY I wish it would.

Lorena said...

Oh i remember when you were picking out the fabric... the poppy was my pick too ;)