Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wearing clothes and stuff

I am wearing a  Dolman Sleeve Sweater from Destination Maternity. it has a fun ribbon tie on the back. It was hard to photograph but it is a smokey brown color. They had it in grey too but it was slightly different. The top photo is the closest to the real color as I could capture seen next to the brown cami. This was a Dave pick. We went to cash in some "bump bucks" (gag at the name) and he picked a bunch of fun stuff while I walked around and complained about how I hated everything.
I can't find the exact jeans because I don't know what they are but these are Similar jeans and about what I paid.
I have had these Das boots by Durango for YEARS. My mom got them at a feedstore in Florida. They are insanely comfortable too.
And my lipstick is NARS Lipstick Funny Face.
Earrings craftshow, Necklace Marc Jacobs from a few years ago, Various bracelets from craft shows and Etsy, Kenneth Cole Watch. 

I felt cuter in this outfit then the photos are saying. But whatevs right? I'm 17 weeks now and I am still in that pop and unpop stage. It changes HOURLY. I just want to pop totally so maybe I can get our of my own way with my self criticism. oy.



Jess said...

You look so cute in that outfit! The sweater looks super soft and comfy.

Lorena said...

can you imagine when you grow into that sweater ?!
I think you will look so very cute..

Megan Mae said...

I like the silver-y stripes in the sweater. Wish I could convince my DH to go pick out clothes for me. He's actually got good taste, but not the patience to actually shop.

I love your watch! The inner workings are so cool looking.

(Re comments from my blog post, I'm just butt-hurt I can't take advantage of in-store sales. Living away from a bigger city sucks ;P )

HollyElise said...

You look totally adorable, I *love* the sweater. Completely jealous of pregnant folks in areas with cool seasons, being able to layer over my pregnant tum would have been wardrobe-stretching!!

Bridgett said...

I have been commenting on your posts but when I go to check if you said anything, my comment is not there. Are you receiving them, or am I doing something wrong?

byhillary said...

bridgett I only have a few from you. the one above.

this one

I'm glad you're posting these. Where do you get the questions? Maybe I'll start doing them too. If you're interested, our baby/preggo blog is I feel the same way with cravings. I have them butbalways have. Thought Dave's part was really cute. on Week 14


and this one

I'm in the same boat as you. We decided to try cloth diapers. I bought some pocket diapers from alvababy. They are cheaper than any others I've seen and I read some good reviews. We are also going to try prefolds and thirsties covers like someone recommended on this post. You guys should register on amazon. That way if any friends or family want to buy, they know what you want. Plus that way you can keep track of what you want. on Baby gear help?


all are live on my site. Should there of been others? Unfortunately I didn't get them if there was.

Bridgett said...

Hillary- I commented on one post asking you if you are abstaining from dying your hair throughout the pregnancy. I am torn because everything I've read said it's fine but my doctor said not to. But I have awful highlights growing out and my hair is driving me batty.

Oh also- did your SIL say anything about packaged lunch meats? At first I didn't eat any unless heated up but they told me it was okay to eat pre packaged meats so I have started doing that occasionally without heating it up. There are just so many mixed messages it's hard to know what to do at times.

byhillary said...

Ok on lunch meat. Both she and my doctor both said ALL lunch meats packaged or not need to be heated. Same goes for any leftovers of any meat.

On dyeing hair. Personally i haven't dyed mine in a year but only cause I'm lazy. My doctor and my hospital say there is absolutely no harm to dying your hair. My mom who is a hairdresser was taught the same thing BUT they will have to use a special shampoo treatment to make sure that the dye will actually take because your new hair breath is a bit altered with pregnancy. I don't know much abut what that entails I can ask her.

Lauren said...

I am doing well, heading into week 16 on Sunday and am at the almost popped, but not really stage too.

I have done a decent amount of maternity shopping at macy's & H&M (great knit tops) both stores in person, and for jeans and wrap dresses. So far, I am really digging my maternity wear and have been living in a long back knit skirt and striped tees.

I dyed my hair at week 5 because I had already made teh appt. before I found out I was preg. and I had the worst roots imaginable. When I go back next (it's starting to be necesary again), I am going to probably just do highlights.

Glad to hear things are going well Hillary. I am sorry if you mentioned it before, but are you going to findout the gender?

lawyerdoll said...

This is a really cute look, and congratulations on your pending baby!