Wednesday, September 19, 2012


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Except for the necklace this is the exact items I am wearing today (well I was on Monday). Click to visit stores. I will NOT make any money from your clicks. Nothing. 

I wanted to try something new with my makeup and I got this plummy brown lipstick this weekend. I always avoid anything like this like the plague but I saw this photo fell in love. 

We aren't very alike looking but I do have very light eyes and soft brown hair and fairer complexion so I thought it might look nice on me. It is absolutely totally different for me but hell now is the time to experiment. I mean I don't have the sartorial choices I had before. I can't color my hair so why not mix up the makeup routine?

Dave liked it. That was all that mattered. He doesn't decide what I wear but he has great taste and he will let me know if it doesn't work on me. 

Not sure why you'd want to but you can click to enlarge.

Before someone says it because I know at least one person will see it. yup I totally have a migraine. My friend tells me its always in my eyes. My hair looks dark here but it is a lot lighter than I thought it would be since I have been growing it out this past year.

I had a horrible migraine yesterday so there was a lot of this going on. 


Lot of Dr. Who episodes too. When my cousin Zach was born oh 20 years ago? We went to visit him and my aunt had made these cookies I call inside out cookies. They are chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips. Inside out just seems to fit. Anyways I literally have not had HER version of that cookie since. But I always think about it as the best cookie I ever had. Yesterday I texted my aunt Sam and she sent me the recipe and Dave made me a batch! Husband of the year he is. We learned why they are the "BEST COOKIE EVER" Dave has renamed them "carrier vessels to get butter into my mouth" cookies. The key was all the butter apparently Thanks Auntie Sam! You couldn't even tell our version was GF they were so amazing. Sam was always a good cookie maker. I always liked when she was a teenager and would come over to our house for dinner and make cookies and let me brush her long hair. (Think Marcia Brady)

ooh I love them!

I haven't seen her in a couple years but I hope to fix that in a couple weeks.

Yes I did post this the other day and pull it down. Too emotional. I posted it in the moment and realized I didn't want to talk about it yet. Thank you all for being kind. 

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Cassykins said...

I did see your post before you took it down and just wanted to say I <3 you as a fellow blogger and blog friend. I know I can't do much for you, but you have my email if you ever need to just vent to someone.

That said, definitely have some fun with your makeup now while you still can! Doubt you will want to once you have mommy duty to think about (at least for the first bit)