Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Been on vacation. We had no cell service for a week. It was kinda awesome. But the one time I did need to make a phone call we had to drive to a grocery store parking lot. ha.

We spent 8 days on Lake Winnipesaukee.

We were totally roughing it.

Camera Roll-3780

This is what we have to wake up to? Well I mean I guess I can stomach it.

Camera Roll-3772

Clue master detective.


S'mores time

I make my S'mores with ginger snaps

I make S'Mores with ginger snaps.

83 year olds love s'mores too. Yes that's my sweater. Cute on her too huh?

Gram came to hang out one day. She likes S'Mores too. And she stole my sweater!



View from Castle in the clouds







How 4 Celiacs do S'mores. The frowny face is from Dave's sister to tell Dave he couldn't get those cookies. (he is allergic to an ingredient)


We all spent a lot of time with the chairs in the water.


Thought this was hilarious. Ummm Don't make any big moves!


Always the boyscout.

Fabrics I got today

I got this fabric too.

Didn't get any of these beauties. If I was rich I would of got all of them.

I didn't get any of these but I wanted them all.

There were six of us there. We lounged in the water while the little fishies nibbled our toes, mini golf, board games, watched way too much Olympics, ate a lot (well they did!! OH MAN!), Gram came up one day, went to a giant fabric store, went to a HUGE craft fair up in Sunapee and just relaxed. No naps were had by me though. But plenty from others.

What have you been up to?


Cassykins said...

Oh god, this looks so terribly rough. Lol, seriously though it looks amazing. Makes me miss Cape Cod (which isn't the same, but still the most nature I've been around in a while) I'm going on "vacation" myself this weekend. Vacation in this case means being in a hotel and visiting with my mom's bff and my childhood friends, though.

byhillary said...

Oh I will be totally honest and say I couldn't of done this on my own. I tagged along on someone elses paid vacation. eep :P