Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Seeing spots

I am wearing the same sweater I wore on Monday. Virtually no one here today was there on Monday. so eh.

Wished I had got a photo at the beginning of day not end. Shirt is NEON pink.

The shirt is NEON. The photo does it no justice. This is more like it.


My friend Holly Joy made me the necklace and earrings a few years ago. They are some of my favorite pieces ever.

The skirt is reversible smocked waist one from Gap I got on clearance for $12 a couple weeks ago. Neon shirt if Target, Sweater NY&Co years ago. Pin from Gap maybe 6 or 7 years ago. It happened to be already pinned to cardigan and matched not only the shirt but the flowers on the skirt. KISMET.


Pants gap. shirt Target. Shoes Korks from Marshalls gift from gram. Sweater NY&co.
I was so excited when I found these pants. I had wanted red pants, they fit perfectly, they looked nice then I wash then. I wash on COLD and line dry. Yet some how they shrink all up. The scale didn't change it is the pants. Then within 20 minutes of having them on THEY ARE TOO BIG. WTF PANTS. They  get all saggy almost instantly. So I have to wash them again before I rewear them. Cycle continues. I guess what I am saying is don't buy these pants.



Wearing my "I like to pretend someone made this after seeing my blog" necklace. (sheer coincidence) and earrings I made and pretend they are the heart balloons.


I slapped a microscopic matching bow in my hair too.







Makeup Shadows from Naked 1 palette, Hervana Blush from Benefit and Baby Lips by Laura Mercier.(I love that stuff) I got the mascara as a sample at the Chanel counter. I asked if they had any and they did and it is AWESOME! Expensive though. I think I will just keep asking for samples!

How is your week shaping up?


Heather said...

Boo on the pants because they are the perfect red! I bought a pair of faded red pants and same problem! Mine aren't from the gap but you would think the gap would have a quality assurance program that would catch stuff like this!

Megan Mae said...

Awww, I'm sorry the pants aren't as awesome to wear as they look. I really like my red pants, but they have nearly no stretch. Thankfully they haven't shrunk in the wash, but I live in fear of the day they accidentally do.

Your necklace and earrings are so cute.

Cindy said...

I absolutely love both these outfits. The skirt and red pants with the leopard sweater and all the accessories are fantastic. And, OMG, those shoes! Where did you get the cute little hair bow?

byhillary said...

thanks guys,

the tiny hair bow I believe came from a craft fair.