Monday, July 09, 2012

July 3rd - 7th

Tuesday was Dave's birthday. (33) We both had to work and went out to dinner after work to celebrate. We went to a new Mexican place and the food was amazing. (Oddly we ate out 2 times in the entire month of june and now twice since July started!)

I got this chicken beany soup thing.

I got a brothy chicken soup

Dave got tortilla pie (NOM)

Dave got a tortilla pie. It was oddly sweet and very delicious

and we shared this blackened grilled cheese corn wonderfulness

This was blackened grilled corn with a thick layer of cheese and then spicy. It was amazing but the spicy burned your lips.

and they gave the table back beans and rice. I wish I had a big food vocabulary to describe how amazing it tasted. It wasn't just RICE.

Rice and beans

Birthday boy.

Birthday boy

Some sort of limey drink.

I have no idea what this was. It was limey juices.

At my work on the 3rd they are doing this remodel of my floor and I thought the stacked chairs to be removed looked like chair art.

Odd chair art. Or they were stacking to remove at work yesterday.

On the actual 4th we were both not feeling so hot. Damn heat. We hung around the house, went to the mall to get the birthday chair massages we do every year and then got milk shakes (well I got shake he got ice cream) It was so hot I couldn't even drink it! It is still in my freezer at home. Heat makes food no fun.

I did do a 4th of July manicure that ended up being a Carol Danvers inspired one in the end.

What started as a 4th of July manicure turned into a @kellysued @kellysue Captain Marvel tribute

On the 5th we discovered the local FREE pool. I cracked out this baby that still had the tags on it!

Rouched bathing suit swimspot gave me last year. I miss swimming. It's been years.

Swimspot gave it to me last year as part of the Lucky Alpha thing. I hadn't gone swimming in 4 years and I grew up with a pool so I missed it. We have now gone 3 times in 4 days!

On Saturday was the big family party for Dave up in NH. Doesn't happen often that my family and his family are all at the same place but it is always a good time.

Gram and I started playing badminton with Dave and his dad but we could tell we were just holding them up so we sat out.



So my dad and brother in law to be jumped in for us.


The four of them all take it so seriously it was hilarious to watch.

Then we played croquet. My dad.

Mi padre

I came in first runner up! (sounds better than second huh?) I was so bad I was the last one left when the poison ball was coming after me! My future brother in law made a friend for life though when we took out Dave at my request. Gram came in 3rd. See it pays to be the worst players! We were so behind it took them awhile to come get us.


And there was food, watermelon after the games, ice cream, cupcakes!!! oy.

On Dave's 26th birthday we had a similar party. One less person was there this time. But he was there in spirit.  No one looked better than him holding a mallet. Love you pop!

Dave's Birthday
Dave's Birthday


Megan Mae said...

Happy belated birthday to Dave! Sounds like good times. I like your mani. I saw a similar color when I went to get mine done and allllmost got it, but instead went for the pencil-lead color. It was shiny.

Also how cute is that bathing suit. I need to go by our pool, it's $3 a visit, but there's also a hot tub and it's indoors. I just haven't wanted to face the crowds.

Cassykins said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Dave!

I love that your families get together to do things like play croquet. It's so different, but in an amazing way!

Michelle said...

a few reflections on this lovely post: 1) what a wonderful party with games and food and family! i am tres jeal of dave right now; 2)that first photo of Pop is really great, like a framer great.

also, i responded to your comment on my post today but wanted to bring it over here too in case you didn't see it:

hillary, you want to know something? i read your blog for a very long time before i had the nerve to comment on it. i thought YOU had it all together. i thought YOU were so stylish and fancy and popular with all your comments and had been blogging forever. i love you.

LAPT said...

What/where is this new Mexican place???

byhillary said...

I am not going to give them any advertisement because they were over priced and HORRIFIC service. I will say it is in the seaport district and if you don't mind over priced food that is delicious.... the initials are R M google seaport mexican new maybe itll pop up.