Thursday, July 19, 2012

catching up.


In the past week we took a mini vacation and spent a night at a B&B in North Conway NH. We had a road trip planned for the weekend and had to cancel at the last minute but figured since we had already taken the 4 days we'd spend at least one night away.

Someone didn't want us to leave. Well leave her.

Sorry waffle you can't come

Our cute little room

Tiny but cute room at the b&b

Dave's gluten free breakfast at the b&b it was included with room!

My breakfast at the b&b seriously some of the best pancakes ever

As the second B implies they served us breakfast. Dave said it was the best gluten free breakfast he had ever had.

Behind the b&b

Behind the B&B, walking out to the little brook.

Cute little brook behind the b&b

I didn't fall in the brook but I did scrapped my leg on a rock climbing out.

Yeah I fell in the brook

We went to a little restaurant in town for dinner and got GF onion soup, chili and homemade potato chips. WHY DON'T MORE PLACES DO THIS?! omg.

Always important advice in the mountains. Seriously.

Oh NH "live free or die" (by bear attack)

So the next day the plan was to drive the length of the Kancamangus highway. It is one of my favorite places in the world and there are so many neat sights. We started out and our first stop was at the lower falls. I don't have a picture. But it is a bunch of natural waterfalls and you climb down into it and it is rocks and boulders as far as the eye can see. You literally are climbing and jumping around in there. Not being an outdoorsy person I was wearing flip flops. That wasn't the problem. I got in there fine. We got into the waterfall and were splashing around. I put my feet up to slide down one of the tiny natural slides and then I smacked my foot on a rock. Didn't hurt but I knew I smacked it. 20 minutes later while climbing out I noticed it was gushing. Ooops. We got back up on the boulder and Dave was looking at it. Long story short he freaked me out and I fainted. While sitting on the edge of a boulder. I saw it was coming though so he was holding on to me. I laid back when I came too and a nice lady gave us water and ice. I just laid there for about 15 minutes then we decided to leave. Yup we had to climb back out of there! ugh. With flip flops with a gushing foot. It didn't hurt too bad. Dave had got the rocks out of it. We stopped and asked a park ranger for a bandaid. I was read to continue on with the day. Dave didn't agree. Up there you are about 30 miles in between even gas stations. It is pure natural parks and not much else. He decided to turn around and end the day and start the 3 hour drive home. 2 hours into our day. :( BOOOOOOO. On the way he called his sister a doctor and asked her advice. I said I HAVE A BANDAID ON IT! She said go get seen just in case they want to put you on antibiotics for infections since you were in a river. I got stitches and crutches. OH and I fainted again. UGH. I am not squeamish person. My body was just an unhappy camper that day. Apparently my blood pressure plummeted. I've hurt myself before and had a few minor surgeries but the 5(6?) injections of Novocaine in my foot was seriously one of the most painful things I have ever felt.

A few days on I can't use the crutches. I mean I literally can't. My arms, back, shoulders, elbows are totally rebelling. My entire body aches. So I am hobbling with one today. A compromise if you will.

Fuck this.

I had to dress to accommodate the putting my leg up all day.

outfit crutch

They look black but these are new light weight denim pants I got at Target recently.

Shirt Loft OLD unbuttoned because man crutches tug on your clothes. One Dansko shoe and one ENORMOUS BOOT. Seriously this is the only one you had? I have to wear it possibly for 10 days. The stitches don't come out until then. They are along the ball of my foot.

crutch gun

Makes a good gun though.

makeup detail

I was supposed to cut my bangs days ago they are too long. I just can't lift my arms up! So I made an effort with makeup and did an eye wing.



Dave has been a dream boat. Seriously you haven't seen chivalry until you've seen him. He feels awful but the whole thing was my idea. He didn't even want to go to the falls. I literally begged him. He even sewed that red thing on the crutch to try and make it more comfortable.

I knew feet were important but now I REALLY get it. And I don't like carrying a backpack! At least it matched my outfit. Sort of.


Heather said...

I was going to comment on the backpack alone! If you're having to do a backpack then I like this one (not to big and a lovely red colour!). You look great - honestly I would have been crying and carrying still!

byhillary said...

No tears were shed at any time. :)

Cassykins said...

I would have been the same as you and figured the bandaid was enough. Hope you're feeling better soon! Glad you have Dave around to cater to you. He makes me happy and I don't even know you guys. Just your talking about him, though, you can tell he's awesome and perfect for you.

Megan said...

Oh noes! I hope you're back to your old self soon. Waffle will surely give you extra TLC.

Megan Mae said...

Aw man, what a bust. Hope you're feeling better quickly. I kind of winced through your whole story. I'm such a baby when it comes to blood/pain. *shudder*

laniza said...

Wow! Hope you feel better--I'm surprised the doctors gave you stitches. The cut must have been bigger than you expected.

byhillary said...

It wasn't that it's big it's that it was really deep and on the ball of my foot. So I'll just keep busting it open.

Colleen said...

I feel like that story is something that would happen to me on a trip.

My brother cut his knee on a rock once and that thing split open even with the stitches. The rock was wet with rain so I guess it cut better than it normally would have :) Hope yours heals well.

lawyerdoll said...

I know the annoyance of the Boot well... but I didn't have a cute red polka-dot top to comfort me... :(