Thursday, June 14, 2012



This summer I have two weddings I am attending. I haven't been to a wedding in about 6 years. I don't want to buy another dress that I won't likely wear again. So I want something that feels fancy but you can causal up for daily wear after. I tried in some stuff in Anthropoligie the other day. I loved a couple but I don't want to spend $200-300 on a dress! My wedding dress was only $300. The bride will be wearing tomato red to one of the weddings so that is off limits. I have looked at every single dress site I could think of. I didn't find a single one that fit my criteria and was affordable and that I LOVED! There were plenty I loved with a hefty price tag. I'd rather spend more on the shoes! I refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes.

I was looking for a dress that fit this criteria.
Not too fitted. I hope to be dancing and playing croquet in it. 
Not too low cut. I don't want to have to wear a cami under it. I want to feel fancy and not show off my boobs. 
Not too long or too short. 
BREATHABLE. No polyester! (which a lot of the anthro dresses were lined in.)
Not over the top expensive. 
Isn't a "red" dress. (of course all the ones I loved were red. Of course!)

Cause you don't just "need" a dress to wear, you "need" shoes! That all starts to add up. 

So this is what I am thinking... Someone makes me the above dress (haven't figure out who yet). I want it with the sweetheart neckline and pockets!! I am thinking either the teal gingham in seersucker or the poppies fabric. Then some KorkEase sandals because I hear they are so comfortable and wearable! I have some from their Korks line and they are amazing.

Fancy and fun right? Both weddings are outdoors. I am thinking of making Dave a bow tie from the seersucker regardless. 

Which is more Hillary the poppies or gingham?

I am leaning towards the poppies. because I am think of a ton of ways to wear it after and there a lot of colors to play off. and which shoes! Link me if you have another idea of shoes! MUST BE COMFY!


david said...

I really like the pattern and all of those fabrics are great! Super summer/fun/pretty.
I would think a tie out of whatever material we pick is in order.

david said...

oh, and I'm not voiting yet to keep from swaying opinions...

Kasmira said...

Have you checked out eShakti? They have tons of cotton dresses and you can do some customization on some of the dresses (like sleeves) and I think you can dictate the hem of all of them. I've never purchased anything from eShakti, but I've considered it!

byhillary said...

I did check them out.
I have heard some of their stuff isn't the best quality and for the price of the one I did like was $90 and lined in a polyester! It is gonna be middle of summer.

Dorothy said...

I like the poppies better and think they are more your style (even thought I am random stranger on the internet). Those shoes are fabulous!

laniza said...

Poppies and the shoes with red and blue would be so cute together!

Lorena said...

2 weddings !
Ha! me too :)
I have one in two weeks to which i am wearing a long gown i already own. Like you, i find it unnecessary to spend so much on a dress i will wear... once ? twice ?
The second wedding is my brother's second wedding and I got a dress for ten dollars that will work the magic ...
I think you will look marvelous in a poppy print. Maybe instead of looking on line you can go to a few stores on sale or outlets and find your dream dress.

byhillary said...

lorena. sorry I left out I started this whole thing off in stores. It was so demoralizing. I tried on a dozen dresses in various stores and NOTHING fit right. I am not going to spend a ton of money and alter it.
I can't find anything that is cheap and fits and isn't synthetic fabric.
Plus this way we can make dave a matching bow tie (see his comment above)

D'Rae N said...

I think the poppies would suite you best. You are a poppies girl!

Megan Mae said...

I like the poppies with either blue shoes or the mixed color shoes. The gingham is cute, but I think the poppies are more you and will be more remixed. I like the Alice blue shoes with the lower wedge and the ones with the flower on them. Don't know how much the two-tone shoes will go with the rest of your close though.

Robin said...

I think the poppies are more you, and will be the most versatile in other seasons with layers. That dress style is so great!

byhillary said...

Fabric has been purchased! Thanks all!

grace said...

That is going to be SO cute. Love the fabric and the shoes.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried They are reasonbly priced, ship fast, and have some great stylish options in more casual fabrics which make them great for dressing up or down.

byhillary said...

katie. I have thank you.
I am making my own. I am using the pattern and fabric in the post :)