Thursday, June 07, 2012

Rain Rain. Ugh.

Photo Jun 02, 3 03 47 PM

Saturday Dave and braved the pouring rain in search of GF brunch. We went to the Friendly Toast. NEVER AGAIN ON A WEEKEND. They make you feel like an awkward uncool 14 year old in there. I am not hipster enough for the weekend crowd. It was loud and everyone was obnoxious. We vowed to never try it again on a weekend. Week nights only. Dave looked cute though. Me not so much.

Guzzling coconut cocoa. (I hate my bang here. Hate!)

They have the best coconut hot cocoa there. It was pretty chilly out so I got some. I am not normally a hot beverage drinker. I drink iced coffee in the middle of a noreaster.

Photo Jun 03, 12 51 03 PM

Sunday we hung out with my sister in law and my brother in law to be (!!!) It was relaxing and fun and nice to hang out with them. It is a nice balance too. Dave and his sis are Celiac and me and B aren't! So we all each have someone to share dishes with now. I was always the odd man out!

Photo Jun 04, 8 40 55 PM

I did a stamped manicure. It isn't my favorite. Mostly because the dots don't cover my whole nail and I smudged a bunch. The bow was totally off center too. Made this Libra's eye twitch.

Photo Jun 05, 8 14 11 AM

I got this rubber bracelet too. Marc by Marc Jacobs. $28 at Nordstrom. I wanted it in hot pink but once I saw it in person I KNEW I'd destroy it so I went with the much safer black. It is so neat feeling and super fun to play with if you are a twitchy person like me.

Photo Jun 03, 6 24 57 PM

Monday it was still raining. It has been raining for a year (well it feels like it) We got stuck in bad traffic on the way home and I spent it texting with my mom. This was to her "whatcha doing?" She pointed out Dave and I were both wearing green jackets.

Photo Jun 04, 8 45 04 PM

Photo Jun 05, 8 18 24 AM

Tuesday it was still raining and cold. I wore my under utilized Scuba hoodie. My frens are always posting instagram photos of their outfits like this. I had a hard time. Is it because I am too close to the ground?
Shirt and jeans Lands End Canvas, Hoodie Lululemon (won't buy again. I love it but the owner is um INTERESTING. Leave it at that), Dansko clogs, Belt pop's from 70's you can see the buckle peaking out  above the zipper


OOH look I am in a wild and crazy discotheque.Not a public restroom. Nope. Wednesday I liked this outfit. I flipped the scarf to be the reverse of the sweater and the pin and the shirt aren't same pattern but they look it.
Shirt Lands End Canvas, Sweater NY&Co, Pin GAP, Jeans 7 for all Mankind

Photo Jun 06, 3 16 47 PM

Waffle likes the rain. Helps her sleep. Oh wait that isn't a problem for her. She was sleeping on the clicker the other day and kept changing the damn channel.

Photo Jun 04, 10 29 53 AM

How is your week?


Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

Loving that pattern mix with the animal print, my week is making me wish I could nap with waffle.
Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

grace said...

Oh my. I went to the Friendly Toast once and I felt like I was possibly the least hip person on the planet. It was awful. The food was good, though.

IrishRedRose said...

LOL, I've been to a cafe in Hollywood like that. It WAS a great place to eavesdrop and people watch, though. I kept getting the giggles.
I love Waffle dozing with the remote! *little pink kitten toes* And those three stone bracelets are particularly pretty together. Well, I've been wanting lip butters so I bought several through you! We have such similar tastes in color. I only had one--the darkest red one, which is also lovely. And I love your nail polish episodes. Someday it would be neat to see your polish collection! Now that np is so much easier to use than it used to be, mine has gotten a LOT bigger. I still remember brands that would take an hour or more just to dry, back in the 80's!

byhillary said...

Waiting for nail polish to dry is awful! Your right with the advent of like seche vite we can do our nails and 5 minutes later do some thing else.
I love to people watch so much!
Did you like the lip butters? I love how they feel.
If you click the nails link at the toP of my site it goes to a page with link to pics of my polish collection and my faves. It's at least a year old but the faves still hold true!