Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My weekend

This weekend we went to an anniversary party for my step-mom's parents.


Isn't that awesome? One of the sons had these made. It's a cookie!

I have quite met a family like theirs before. To say it is filled with love would be an understatement. There are 6 kids and they were the type of house that every night at dinner there were a couple extra people. Everyone is welcome, everyone is loved. Being shy, functions like this intimidate me. Not allowed!  You are going to be hugged all day long so get over it! No one is quite sure how many people came in and out of the house that day. When we left 5 hours into it, it was still going strong. I'd safe at least 60 people easily.

This house is so fun

Beautiful garden


The dad's brother is a famous carver. The house is full of his walking sticks and other various carvings. Even a family totem pole! I couldn't get back enough to get it all in the frame. The parents are on the top, 6 kids then the family dog at the bottom. Being low man on the totem pole is actually something they can complain about! I don't think the guy carves anymore. He is 90 but man he is a firecracker! I didn't get a picture of him but I got a few more carvings.



A deer attacking a mountain lion in marble!


The mom had prayer cards printed up to give away.

Dad and Dave

Dave and my dad doing that male bonding thing. They have a great relationship. My dad really digs having a "son" I baffled him with my years of glitter and unicorns.


To say I was in love with this kid is an understatement. He wraps everyone around his finger. He is as sweet inside as his outside. I didn't even really talk to him much but he saw me walking to my car at one point and he yelled "I say bye to you ok?" I said I'm not leaving yet. He replied "ok good"

Sunday we spent the day at my in laws house. My mil and I worked on my dress (not finished, sorry no pics) and the boys cut down some trees. There was little bit of a miscalculation by one of them. I not going to say who. (wasn't Dave!) and all of a sudden there was a TREE ON THE BACK PORCH. One more foot to the right and it might of taken out part of the house.

This is what it looked like from in the house. HA! Luckily everyone was OK and good news that deck was built very well!

Photo Jun 24, 10 57 51 AM

Did you do anything fun this weekend?


Mary said...

After seeing some of these pics on your instagram feed I couldn't wait to hear the story behind them, especially that totem pole! Looks like an awesome party!

Megan Mae said...

What a cool weekend. I'm always kind of jealous of families with such good traditions and stories. It sounds like a roaring good time.

My weekend was subpar, but I'm trying to make the week a better one.