Monday, June 25, 2012

busy bee

Kinda been radio silent eh? We have been busy and this summer the busy isn't going to stop until 2nd week in September. I am not complaining though it is gonna be an action packed summer or trips, weddings (yup plural) and visiting friends.

In the past week we took a trip to Essex for some fried seafood.


Gave Veronica a nice wash.


Grocery shopped.


Got my Target free summer beauty bag. (They sold out I think the first day. Periodically on the samples section of website they offer these limited time free bags. No purchase required.)


Found a chicken leg had snuck into my closet while my back was turned hanging things up.


Got new sandals to replace my broken pair :( womp womp (50% off on endless! Dansko Sara) See link in sidebar.

Summer lovin

Good my fabric and my pattern.

Fabric is here!

And got a fun new thing to review courtesy of Bzzagent. Two months of free beverage delivery. Super nice people and they are great to deal with and nice drivers!

Super excited about our first delivery! Courtesy of Poland Spring and bzzagent

and details of this weekend to come!

What have you been up to? Do anything fun this weekend?


Megan Mae said...

Oooh your dress is going to be so cute. Also cannot wait to hear more about this free beverage delivery.

I had a weekend from hell, but today's looking better.

Lorena said...

Oh the fabric for your dress !!
Yay! i absolutely love it :)

Cassykins said...

Yay fellow Scan-It customer! I kind of love using those things, it keeps me honest when I have a list since you see the total right there.

I have the Aveeno scrub you got in your Target bag, too. So far I'm liking it a lot, it makes my skin feel really nice when I use it in the morning. I think it's a little too invigorating for nighttime use.

Cassykins said...
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McKristie said...

Glad you are back:)

Hope you love your car!

I have not gotten my Target bag yet but hoping soon!

I have been looking for a replacement for the Dansko Sissy's in the red crinkle patent but have not had any luck - nothing compares...

I think that fabric is ADORABLE!

byhillary said...

That's what's I replaced! My red crinkle sissys! The elastic went on both about a week ago. I'm gonna take to cobbler but I'm not hopeful. He's already fixed them once!

beyondthebath said...

I didn't get the Aveeno scrub or the TresSemme conditioner in my bag! *cry*

Love the pink toes on that 'chicken leg'. SO CUTE!