Monday, May 21, 2012


 Friday was one of those perfect New England days. It was cool in the shade and hot in the sun. I spent my lunch hour totally surrounded by these flowers.

Campus is packed with flowers right now. This was my view at lunch. I wish I could of showed how they literally surrounded me.

The entire courtyard is covered in them. I spent my lunch hour noshing on a sandwich and reading.

Thought this was neat you could see my reflection at lunch on iPad.

After work I went for a walk to kill time until Dave was done. He had to work late for a big deadline he has coming up. I got myself a little treat of the pink bracelet to add to my collection. It's my birthstone. I adore personalized things. Each charm means and represents something special.Well except for the 5 Lucky magazine gave me to start met out! They are the bead and plain ones.

Just got the pink one. My birthstone.

There was no way after Dave getting out late, sitting in Friday night traffic were we going to sit in more traffic just to get groceries so we attempted a new to us place that claimed GF options. I got the very not GF gnocchi which I had never had in a restaurant before. I can't rave enough about how perfect texture it was. I am a texture freak too. If I can't stand texture I gag. Totally embarrassing trait. I had just a small portion of this. Filling little buggers.


We had a nice weekend. Well part of it was nice. Part of it wasn't nice. Dave had to work both days but we still got out and went on a little adventure.


I wasn't sure if my outfit was amazing or horrible. I decided semi amazing. It was a dolmen(??) sleeve kimono jacket with a worn grey t, skinnyish jeans and heeled sandals.

Beautiful day for a ride. PS this filter is like magic skin smoothing!

Sunshine + BB Cream + front facing ifone camera (low quality) = super amazing clear looking skin! My skin is a wreck right now so I am going to pretend that is what I really look like. DUDE!I don't have any foundation on just the BB Cream which is like black magic. I can't even rave enough about it. I will look to see if I can link you. I got it in a Korean grocery store.

On our drive on Saturday between Dave's epic working sessions we ended up at our favorite farm. I went to visit the pony. She now has blunt bangs!

This pony had blunt bangs and highlights.

Same farm different pony that also had fun hair from 2009 in video below. (I just noticed for first time Dave is snickering as he films it)

I got the maple candy I've been craving.

I've been craving these for a week.

Dave said it was sweeter than he remembered and left him buzzing. I called him a lightweight and snorted more sugar. (kidding!)

Everyone carries jam in their purse no?

I brought home some jam from the farm too. Strawberry rhubarb and spiced apple butter.

Then yesterday Dave worked all day so I took the opportunity to do my nails.I've been so insanely lazy about doing anything to them. I hadn't stamped in I can't even tell you how long.

Rose gold leopard.

How was your weekend? What did you do? What did you eat?

other than the gnocchi we had veggie chicken quesadillas yesterday. Much jokes were made.


Jess said...

I love strawberry rhubarb's my FAVORITE. And ponies, they're also my favorite. I love the bangs on the one you visited!!

My weekend was spent doing crap to our house. Painting, painting, and more painting...I'm still finding white paint on my extremities even after a crazy long shower last night! This weekend we move so I'm really excited. :-)

Megan Mae said...

Aw such a cool weekend. I love your kimono jacket look and those amazing sunglasses.

I spent my weekend snuggling kittens, doing too much laundry and eating general Tso's chicken. Forgot to mention in today's post we're keeping little York. His potential adopter never contacted me, so Mom and I just agreed to keep him. <3

Megan said...

I had a croque monsieur for lunch and a few cocktails. Yummy!

I think that lipstick is the perfect colour of red. Gaw-jus!

Rebecca said...

Those sunglasses are awesome! And your skin looks amazing. I've been hearing good things about BB creams... maybe I should take the plunge and try one.

Mary said...

And now all I can think about is that scene in Friends where Chandler and Ross go to Vermont and get maple candy and Ross goes crazy. And I sincerely hope that you know what I'm talking about so that I didn't just become that girl that makes Friends references when no one else knows what she's talking about...

MeAndTheBeast said...

I really like all your charm bracelets. Are most of the bracelets holding the charms the same? Where does one get those? It's such a cool idea.

byhillary said...

Alex and ani
I was introduced to them when Lucky sent me my first 5 as part of a program I was involved in. We have a store here.
All American made reclaimed metal.

You could easily make you own too. I've been thinking about adding charm to colored bangles.

Cassykins said...

Please do share if you find a link for the BB Cream! I have been having an awful time with foundation-type products.
My weekend was filled with too much shopping. You know you're being ridiculous when you don't even make it out of Sephora, find another product you want and get right back in line...

MeAndTheBeast said...