Monday, May 28, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter

Everyone and their sister has already sung the praises of Revlon Lip Butters. They have also posted shiny, clear swatches and given your a detailed review. This is not that.

My review. These rock. Buy some.

These are the 6 I have collected. There are Revlon coupons in the paper all the time. Combine that with the buy one get one 50% off CVS deals and get yourself some of these puppies. The swatches above are three swipes. Mostly because that's what my OCD self does when I apply on my lips. Go left to right. Right to left and once more for good measure.

Cherry Tart and Peach Parfait are nice and semi sheer with good color payoff. Cotton Candy is super sheer but a nice little wash of color. Candy Apple, Lollipop and Raspberry Pie are almost fully opaque on me. But can be applied lighter. Lollipop and Raspberry Pie also tend to stain your lips, which I lik so I can be lazy about applying.

They feel silky like butter. Smell slightly like vanilla, I mean SLIGHTLY. They don't have a taste. They don't last forever on your lips but they feel so good when applied I don't care. Also Revlon is Cruelty Free and they have no SPF (that's a must for me. I can't explain why but any lip stuff with SPF tastes horrific to me. Like bad bad bad.) They retail anywhere from $6-8 around here.
Links are to my Amazon Store. You have been warned. Looks like they are eligible of free shipping too!
Do you have any of these? Which one is your favorite?


Mary said...

Love these! Less like a tinty-balm that I expected and more like a super smooth lipstick but I still adore them, and they don't leave my lips dry at all which is the best! Peach parfait is my fave (I have two others with names I clearly can't remember, but still! so great!)

Cassykins said...

Love these! I think the only one we have in common is Lollipop. My favorite is Strawberry Shortcake, it's just slightly brighter and pinker than my natural lip color.

Megan Mae said...

Omgcursemysavings. That peach shade looks and sounds perfect. They even look glossy/moisturizing on your arm. ;)

Beck, At Her Best said...

You do the best product reviews.
I've been looking for something that will give my lips some color but isn't really a lipstick, and these sound like they'll fit the bill

grace said...

Between you and Allie, I'm sold. Gonna have to get a few of these.

byhillary said...

grace. I was on the fence about cherry tart because I hadn't seen it on a pale girl and allie totally took a picture of her in it at my request. She totally rocks. I got that one that day!

Kasmira said...

I bought this today, based on your reco. Love Candy Apple!