Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Outfits from... I don't really know....

Another outfit from the "to be posted files" I know it is at least a month old possibly more because it is before I cut my hair the second time.


Skirt Dave made
Shirt H&M
Blazer American Eagle (OLD!)
Boots Clarks
Bracelet CSA conference
Earrings I made




I like my makeup here. I know it is from the Urban Decay Naked palette and I think that is Inglot lipgloss.



We had a busy weekend. Saturday we hung out with a friend of ours and drove all over creation. I didn't take any photos but we had a blast. (waves hi caroline!)

Sunday we trekked hour and a half northward to my sister in laws. Dave her and I made brunch for their mom and MY gram! Everyone loves gram. She was being stubborn and almost didn't go (I think she felt they were just being nice) but I know she and everyone else had a great time.

Dave and his sister cooking. I love this photo so much.

Siblings cooking for their mom.

The paparazzi in the kitchen was out of control.

The paparazzi in the kitchen was out of control

How cute is my MIL with her arm party!?

Check out Dave's mom's arm party! She was also wearing a peplum shirt. She was SO instyle!! (I might see if I can squeeze into that top... It was so cute!)

Fern wearing a shirt with ferns. (gram)

Even though I am only a cat mommy I got presents too! My sister in law just came back from Germany and brought me prezzies. German Hello kitty, ginger and smarties? Um who knows me???

Gifts from Germany. Think they know me well? Ginger, hello kitty and smarties!!!

My own mom lives over a thousand miles away so we didn't get to see her but that doesn't mean I can't pull out the embarrassing photos!

Happy Mumsy Day!
scanned pic 12/14/02 mum and me
me at 14

Mother's day 1992!!! Like my totally bitching neon sunglasses? I am so on trend eh? (can you see the feet on the bottom right? That was willie asleep in the chair!)

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Tell me what you did!!


Cassykins said...

Happy belated Kitty Mommy Day! I wasn't home for Mother's Day, but my brother and his bf took her out to dinner. At least she has one good kid.

Lorena said...

We don't celebrate Mothers Day in May but in December...
and you WERE o trend with those neon sunglasses...
sometimes when i see pictures like that i begin to wonder what i did with certain items.

grace said...

Your eye makeup just SLAYS me. I love it. I so need a Hillary Makeup Tutorial.

byhillary said...

Grace I learned from Cassykins above you! She described the process to me in a comment on her blog! We should get her to do it she does KILLER looks like a evil mermaid godess

Laura. said...

PS: Does you already participated in the giveaway on my blog: http://www.beautybloglaura.com/2012/05/winactie-2-goodiebags-van-elf.html