Thursday, May 03, 2012



OK lets put this out there. I went nuts with the smudge tool. I know bathrooms are totally classy and you all would prefer to see the bathroom in all its destitute glory but.... At one point I went so overboard I totally missed that my hands were no longer human sized. Fixed that at least. Good to see that edumacation isn't going to waste. Dude 10 years ago today I graduated college. Before you start doing math in your head, I did indeed take 5 years to finish. I decided half way through I wanted to start over in another degree. Technically I did that entire degree in 3 years. Not only that but I went from a VERY sad gpa in my first degree to Dean and President's list and Magna cum Laude. Well my first GPA wasn't that bad honestly but I was on scholarship so anything below perfect was well, not perfect.

Sweater Target last year. Never wore it though because of falling off beads. Explains clearance price.
Shirt Old Navy
Jeans Seven for All Mankind
Earrings gift from Waffle. (they are the softest pink)
Ring little store in Rockport (it is also soft pink)
Bracelet my mom made when she was in highschool

Sweater is great right? Dave redid the beading half way down. It was missing pieces when I bought it so he finagled it up to look like it was supposed to be that way. I personally would of cut them all off with my patience level. I wrote a whole post on his DIY skill but felt it was too much so it languishes in the draft folder. I know I roll my eyes when people gloat about how awesome their spouse it. I'll sum it up. He is awesome and can fix just about anything with Youtube and Google. Works out well because I like to break things.
2 flat irons, iPhone, laptop, cellphone.....

Photo Apr 23, 8 39 29 AM

When I cut my hair about a month ago I got a lot of "oh you colored your hair" comments. This made me laugh. I am like rings on a tree I have so many growing out colors now.I colored it in October and January and not since. I am trying to grow it out. You know what that means in 2 months I flip out over the roots and redye it.


How are you all today?! What is for lunch??


Bernadette said...

luuurve that cardi. all over the place.

Rebecca said...

Looooove the ooooorange!

Lunch is a chicken salad (homemade) sandwich.

D'Rae N said...

Love the outfit and your hair looks super cute!!!!!!

Mary said...

Monochromatic AND pattern-mixing?! Those are like, my two very favorite things! This is adorable-- and so is your hair. If you haven't guessed, I am just all sorts of in love with this. Love!

Megan said...

Gorgeous cardigan. And I love your bracelet.

Lorena said...

That sweater is so nice - and I certainly like the top because it has butteffliessssssss.
I am having salad for lunch i feel guilty about all the stuff i ate yesterday-

grace said...

There is truly no way for me to tell you how much I love that top+sweater. So, so great. The bracelet, too. Well, all of it, really. And your hair. Gush gush gush.

Lunch was a grilled cheese and tomato soup. That was an hour ago, though. I could eat again...

Chelsea said...

Ooooh, I'm really loving the combo of the print of that top with the sweater. And it always warms my heart that Dave is so handy with a needle and thread. Finally, your hair is super adorable here. I love it!

Courtney said...

That sweater is amazing. I cannot believe your husband actually fixed the beading on it. He did a fantastic job! I really like your shorter hair, btw.

Megan Mae said...

That cardi is gooorgeous. I'm glad you got it fixed up to wear. I'm like Dave, I can pretty much figure out how to do almost anything with Google and enough time. I'm probably this way because - I also break things.

Ah! My hair looked like that right before I dyed it. Although I also wind up with completely different shades in the front and back of my hair.

I'm kind of here and there. Trying to be productive, but being about as productive as one can be while going "LOL TUMBLR" is not very productive. Trying to look for a summer - or well any job.

Aaaand I forgot about lunch. Ugh. I really need to go to the store. I had a handful of "Zen trail mix" (which is basically dried peas, rice crackers, cashews, and almonds - good but not lunch)

paisleyapron said...

Love love love your hair and the cardi shirt ensemble is making me envious. Lunch was boring...a pear with cheese and cheddar rice cake. I am making up for it mom's bringing dinner--greek!

Robin said...

Orange is my *favorite*! Your outfit is gorgeous, your hair is gorgeous, you are gorgeous.

Cara said...

Um, ok, must remember all my thoughts.
1. Love the smudgey tool, especially with you being all in focus. Excellent use of education, I say.
2. Love the pattern on the shirt. And that your husband loves you enough to fix your clothes
3. Had the bestest lunch... peanut chicken on a bed of rice with fresh vegetables. And then quinoa tacos for supper.
4. Oh, and my day was pretty great. A former student emailed my supervisor letting her know what a great, helpful, courteous and polite person I am. Always a good sign when you've only been on the job for 3 weeks!

Michelle said...

you look so pretty, hil! i looooooooooove orange and it is quite flattering on you!

i also have 'tree circle hair'. i refuse to sit for hours on end and pay a small fortune to my hair dresser so we are growing out as well. fun times.

happy friday!

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Hi Hillary,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love the orange color on you :)

I definitely don't want to portray stereotypes but feel that women rarely get the respect they deserve when it comes to the tech field. I doubt many women feel they get hired for a position because they are a woman. In New York tech scene it has a frat vibe because it's such a "bromance" of guys. I appreciate meetup groups like NY Tech Women that focus on praising the accomplishments of women in tech because they get overlooked.

byhillary said...

I totally agree on the respect. That's why the generalizing makes me twitchy. I don't want to portray I assume I'm better because of my gender at something. I am more of the show me don't tell me standing at how much better you are at some thing. Shoe me how much more awesome you are.

Thanks for the reply. And as an aside I do generally agree with your sentiment.