Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Mini dress meltdown

The other day I wore this new dress to work. If you are friend's with me on Facebook you may remember me complaining one day I was mortified in my outfit and wanted to go home. This is it. Looking at this I don't see anything wrong. It's a cute dress, a bit loud but whatever. WEARING IT I hated it. I got to work and I wanted to comb my hair out and change out of the dress. I felt so stupid. I felt like a was a walking joke.

I used the most awkward pose too. The other ones I was all twisted though.

awkward turles

Everything just felt wrong that day. It felt too short, too loud and just plain ugly. I hate when we do that to ourselves. I doubt I'll be able to wear it again. I hate when things show my waist then I hate things that cling away from my waist. I just can't win. That is my own issue I need to work on.


Looking at this I don't know what I was thinking. That's cute! That day it felt like TOO MUCH OMG LOOK TOO MUCH.

I think a lot has to do with people at my work don't dress up for the most part. I don't like to stand out. I don't want to look like the crowd either. I am a contrary little thing huh?

BUT that night my Boden order was waiting for me. I had never ordered from them before and my friend strong armed me into it. (That's the story I am sticking to) I got this sale tunic.

Here is it big to illustrate my issue.


OK so I broke my own cardinal rule and I bought this without thinking about 3 ways to wear it. I bought it strictly on falling in love with it. Which is also a rule so I did it half right. I fully anticipated that it would be too long on me. I didn't know it would be ALMOST dress length but has two large slits up the size. It is also an unlined super thin cotton. More meant to be a shirt than a dress.

How would you suggest I go about it. I am wearing my tights and boots from the top picture. (I literally got in and took it out of box and tried on and sent  pic to a friend. See box right)

I don't know if I am bold enough for the leggings and tunic look. With just tights too I fear those slits may be a little too high. I pointed to the slit and my knee cap to help understand. Also my hand is at my natural waist.  Don't say slap a belt on it and call it a day. I don't like things belted. I feel like I am suffocating and emphasizing the wrong part.. Belts like I have said about Spanx, mess with my chi.

I think my fear again is that is is LOUD. Not something you would see in my office.

Or should I just have dave hem it to a more me sized tunic?

Actually while we are on the topic. should I hem this too?

I rubbed it out and loved the spot where it was missing

Last time I wore this FOUR years ago a similar thing happened. I felt awful after the pictures and took the belt off and I think I put pants under neath it. I know I changed somehow. This also was a super thin silk. I feel like I have too much curves and bumps for such thin fabric dresses. Would it be cute as a top?


By Tenzin Y. said...

beautiful. Got the same dress at H&M. How can you beat $17.50 for that houndstooth dress? I wear it with a belt. It shows curves. I absolutely love rest of the outfits. Should I add that they go perfect with your short hair :)

Jen Hughes said...

I have that issue with shorter things. I'm very long torso-d. I think the blue one looks fine though. I'd maybe wear the patterned one as a shirt because of the slits. The houndstooth dress I LOVE and it looks super cute on you. I may be biased though. I have a similar one without sleeves.

Jen Hughes said...

I have that issue with shorter things. I'm very long torso-d. I think the blue one looks fine though. I'd maybe wear the patterned one as a shirt because of the slits. The houndstooth dress I LOVE and it looks super cute on you. I may be biased though. I have a similar one without sleeves.

byhillary said...

Jen. I'd never wear that blue one at the end with a belt again. It didn't hide any lumps and bumps way too thin. It's been in my closet unworn for 4 years.

Dr. Da said...

I love that houndstooth dress! But YOU need to feel comfortable in it. If you decide to part with it, I am sure there are many of us willing to offer the dress a good home. :)

byhillary said...

dr. da for $17 you can get one at h&m! :)

Gienah Ghurab said...

Oh, Hillary!
I have lurked for AGES - for at least two redesigns! - on your blog but I don't think I've ever commented. However, I felt compelled to let you know that I think the houndstooth dress is ADORABLE, and I think you look really cute in it. Of course, I'm partial to houndstooth, though I've never tried wearing that much of it (I just have a tiny bag!)
The cut and colors of the dress make it so versatile; you might want to experiment with a few different looks before giving up on it. I know what you mean, though, about being uncomfortable once you're in an outfit!

The Boden tunic is very cute, too, but the side slits are kind of a shame since it'd make a lovely dress. Unfortunately the slits make it difficult to just wear a slip underneath it. So I'd suggest Dave hem it.

I like the last dress as is, and I must have started reading you sometime after you posted that because I don't remember your hair like that but I LIKE IT. :)

byhillary said...

Gienah. You've commented :)

That was spring 2008. The archives on here go back to 2006. The rest are hidden. I should hide most before 2009 actually :)

byhillary said...

oh I should of said that that dress wasn't posted on the blog back then though! It's from Wardrobe Remix!

Gienah Ghurab said...

Oh, Hillary! I've been a lurker on your blog for at least two redesigns but I don't think I've ever commented.
I LOVE the houndstooth print dress. IT IS ADORABLE. More importantly, YOU look adorable in it!
The black and white and the cut make it so very versatile - you can wear it with flats, heels, ankle boots, or pop any kind of color with it. Even if you don't like belts, adding a cardigan or changing accessories around can really change the look. I suggest you experiment at home in front of the mirror before giving up on it.
I do know what you mean about feeling uncomfortable - even miserable - in an outfit, though.

It's a shame the Boden tunic has such high side slits, because I'd love to see it worn as a dress with a slip underneath. Since that doesn't seem too feasable, though, I'd suggest Dave hem it.

I wouldn't do a thing to the third dress though. Although you say you felt uncomfortable in that, too, and haven't worn it in four years, it looks lovely on you! I'd like to see you put it on again.
On a side note, I must've started reading you after you posted that because I don't remember your hair looking like that. I like it a lot!

Jess said...

The colors in that tunic...would it work with your new cropped red pants? I can't tell what the reddish color is for sure (could be coral too).

I love the houndstooth dress on you, but I know exactly what you mean about outfits that you're just like, "yeah, why did I wear this?" That was me on Monday. The dress I wore to work suddenly felt too short, too tight, too everything. Not a fan. Sometimes I wish I kept a change of clothes on me just in case.

Gienah Ghurab said...

Oh, yay!
(I thought my comment didn't post so I retyped it. Ignore it if it comes 'round again. *'.'*)

I'll be interested in seeing if you trot any of these pieces out again to show us!

mmmmm said...

I love the houndstooth dress! It's just so classic and chic!

As for the boden dress, could you possibly have the slits sewn up? Maybe then you would feel more comfortable with it as a dress?

Heather said...

I'm bummed that you felt/feel that way about yourself but definitely have felt the same on more than one occasion. For the blue silk dress - I think it would be lovely as a blouse! For the Boden tunic - I understand what you are saying and although I think you could totally pull it off with leggings or jeans I think hemming it would make you feel better about it.

Chelsea said...

1) I love this houndstooth dress on ya! Have totally been there where I just felt BLAH/uncomfortable in outfits before... usually because I'm stressed out and it feels like NOTHING'S going right. I love standing out at work in my outfits usually, because honestly I feel like it inspires other peeps to flex their style creativity, HOWEVER when I'm in a mood like above I'm not into all the comments about how I'm always dressed up and must have so many clothes and blah blah blah. I wanna blend in, but stand out too! We are such complex creatures my dear.

2) Solution to your too short for a dress too long for a tunic? Send them to meeeeeeeee! Juuuuust kidding. I really think the Boden tunic/dress with leggings and sandals would be a great weekend outfit. Or over skinny jeans, especially in a coordinated/fun color! The blue dress is also adorable... and think it'd be more versatile for you as a top rather than a dress.

byhillary said...

Chelsea. BY GOLLY SKINNY JEANS little ankle ones might be the trick!

Yeah its the commentary of standing out that bugs me. I don't like attention of any sort. I want to be unique and stand from the pack but don't want you to come up to me and say something stupid and assumptive.

Taylor said...

That houndstooth dress look + headband is SO FREAKIN CUTE - very mod! I love the Boden tunic - if I were you I might have it hemmed slightly and then wear skinny pants / ankle pants. I think that silhouette would work great.

Megan Mae said...

I really like the houndstooth, but it sounds like you have a similar reaction to how I feel about my star skirt. It doesn't seem that short, but it feels like it. I like the print, but I hate it. My best advice for that specific dress? Try a belt? Try a slip with an edge of lace to give length.

As for the boden tunic - ADORABLE. As for the open cut of it, you could do the skinny jean thing, but as an alternative, if you're comfortable with it, consider getting a couple of jersey skirts with flat waist bands for layering under things like that and maybe even the above dress. Maybe one in a bright orange-red, one in green and one in black or blue? Could be used a million different ways. Not sure if your cuppa and all that. I fall in love with Indian clothing all the time and they often have large splits. I've either sewn them up or layered them over skirts. I dislike the tunic/legging combo on myself. My legs are too freaking thin and look odd sticking out from a tunic.

As for the last tunic/dress, I adore the color and print. My vote - hem it. I think it would make an adorable top and would look awesome with a pair of dark denim jeans.

(Btw thanks again for all the advice the other day. <3 I actually feel like I have more confidence with the job hunt)

Robin said...

I think you look fantastic in the houndstooth dress. Maybe you would feel more subdued if you wore a neutral jacket over it. This would make it a winter-only sort of thing, but at least it would give it some use.

About the Boden tunic: what Chelsea said. The print is sublime, and I hope you figure out a way to style it!

The blue silk dress honestly looks wonderful. In the photo it is really flattering, but I totally get how thin silk would make you feel kind of naked. If you think you would wear it as a blouse, I'd get that to an alterations place ASAP.

byhillary said...

Megan Mae it wasn't that it was short but that might help actually. It's just so damn loud. Maybe a lace would help make it feel a bit less OMG HOUNDSTOOTH

thank you everyone!

I am going to for sure chop the blue silk. Maybe I will shorten the sleeves on this houdstooth maybe I won't feel so swallowed by pattern.

and I am going to try skinny jeans under the boden. I think that I might hem it if it works like that or I will pin the sides closed and see how well it works as a dress despite its super thin status.

grace said...

I like the previous suggestions, especially skinny jeans with Boden tunic, which I also love. I'd have had the same reaction to the houndstooth dress--I love it, but it never would feel right. Something about all over pattern, maybe? Anyway, I feel you. For whatever it's worth, though, it absolutely doesn't look bad to an outside observer.

Darling Petunia said...

I think the Boden tunic is not quite right, because it's neither here nor there at this point. If it's supposed to be a tunic, the slits should go up even higher, like to your hip bones. I would try it like that with some pants underneath, and if you still feel weird, just hem it up as a top. It is a lot of pattern! The blue dress at the bottom? Donate it.

byhillary said...

petunia. Hrm. I can't tell if you are helping or trying to insult me.
It doesn't come to my hip bone because I am SHORT.

Darling Petunia said...

No no no! I don't think the slit would be the right proportion on anyone, if the intention is to wear with pants. Did they show the top anywhere at the site except for on a woman wearing it as a swimsuit cover up? For that, yeah, you don't necessarily want a deep slit, but for wearing salwar kameez style, I think deeper slits look nicer, as they open up the bottom part of the tunic for movement. That's all I'm trying to get across. I just try to saybit in fewer words, because typing on this ipad is a pain.

IrishRedRose said...

I think you're right to topify the blue dress. It will make a lovely top--that portion of the dress is already flattering and looks like it fits great, so since you have a seamster extraordinaire in-house, yay! Re that dress AND the tunic, layering might help--skirts or dreses, a la Audi of fashion for nerds. Layering the blue dress would make it less flimsy/thin/naked feeling, and layering the tunic over or under another skirt would remedy its neither-here-nor-thereness. (It's not quite a top, not quite a dress....) But for the Boden, again, I would enlist the seamster. Hem it up a bit and it will be the right proportion for petite. I LOVE that print on you!!! Amazing colors for your coloring.

As for the houndstooth--maybe it needs to be worn with touches of another color that will make it friendlier to you? Like red! My mother LOVED b/w houndstooth, even largeish scale like that one, but she used to add an accent color--usually jade green or red. Just a thought. I agree with others that it looks terrific on you. :-)