Thursday, May 10, 2012

Look what I found.

Ever put something away in a great place and say to yourself
"wow that is a great place now when ever I need it I will know exactly where it is!"
Then you forget. Apparently I made a folder called "not yet posted on blog" and for awhile was putting things in there. So here are some outfit photos dating back to December.



These photos make me so glad I cut my hair! oy. It wasn't me anymore. It was also FRIED.

Scarf and shirt Target
Sweater NY and Co
Jeans Seven for All Mankind
Dansko shoes




Sweater Target
Jeans same as above
Cami H&M
Scarf Dave made it
Socks Gap. While Christmas shopping I found these cute socks with gold lame stars on them. I wish I had bought all of them. They were like 80 cents.

Stay tuned for I think 3 or 4 more "not yet posted" outfits. Or just carry on.


Rebecca said...

I love your style. You're so classy!

Megan Mae said...

Omg those socks I need them now please. You totally should have bought them all. You've also got some of the most adorable scarves.

I love your new cut and think it suits you. I liked your long hair too, but difference is always refreshing.

Kasmira said...

Those socks are darling! I would wear them with peep toe shoes to show them off.

Taylor said...

How did I miss that Target scarf? LOVE. And I regret not getting that sweater in orange (I have it in green) every time you post pics in it. It's such a bright orange, which I am totally down with.

(Love the star socks!)