Thursday, May 24, 2012

Found outfit photo

Here is another not ever posted outfit. It says on it February 1st.




Dress was from the Gap outlet for like $7 or 8 bucks.It's blue, orange, pink and  greige up close so it goes great with all brown accessories. The earrings I made. Boots Clarks OLD, turtleneck Target and fleece legging from I think qvc.

 Today is my Friday! Woohoo. I took tomorrow off to make it a nice 4 day weekend. Do you have any plans? We don't yet but I am sure we will do something fun. Dave's big deadline is today and he has been working until he collapses the past couple weeks. He has worked the past 18 days in a row?? (it might be 12. I know for sure since last Monday)

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Megan Mae said...

Everytime I read that you or Dave made the jewelry, I'm like OMG COOL POINTS TO THE MAX.

I don't have any plans this weekend other than continuing Kitten Socialization and more job hunting.