Sunday, April 08, 2012

What is in my purse (hint) too much!

I am the type of person that once I get home from work I hang my purse up and don't think about it again until I am running out the door in the morning. Because of that the insides of my purse expand over time. I add and add and try on Sunday to clean it out and start fresh. Every single weekend for a month now we either weren't home or had company. So the much needed clean out hadn't happened. I went to find something today and noticed it was out of hand. Money wasn't even IN my wallet. (I suspect Dave did that.)
This is ridiculous I know. No wonder my shoulder hurts.
We have had some wacky weather here in New England. No snow. No rain. 85 degree days in March and freezing temps in April. My skin HURTS. I feel like everything itches. I have to alternate the lotions with the itch cream daily. Ugh. I never thought I'd say this ever. I wish it would rain! (I HATE rain)
What was inside.
14 lipglosses. 3 lipsticks. 2 perfumes. 1 tub of tinted balm. 2 lotions. While both are heavily( and heavenly) scented they are two of the BEST formulas for my raw skin. Silky smooth. I wish I could find one like the marshmallow one in a scent that didn't make me hungry. Actually I just realized both are food scented! Pill case. 2 Pens. Hand sanitizer. Glasses cloth. Nail file. Concealor pen. Hair comb. Wallet. Stones. Perfume tester I sprayed and wrote name on at store. Straw (necessary when I wear red lipstick) House key. Car key. And a scarf I've been using to sit on in car because I'm petrified of staining new car seats. (don't suggest seat covers. We can't use them due to air bags in seats) oh and BB cream box. Suggested on my Facebook page. Jury still out. It is very dark for me. I wonder if in summer it would look less crazy dark.
Yesterday I got behind the wheel of the new car. (Long story. I do know how but it has been almost 18 years. I've been a city dweller.) It's scary! I am not a fearless 16 year old I can tell you that. Baby steps. I'll get there!
I find backing up the hardest. I do a great 3 point turn though. My friend suggested I try putting my arm back to help with the backing up next time.
I don't know WHY but when backing up I want to instinctively turn the wheel the opposite way. It was a bit sad while doing the 3 point turns because I took driver's ed with my friend that passed two weeks ago. I remember being the captain in his car with my own break and him not listening to the football coach yelling over the Walkie-Talkie, doing as he pleased.


Anna said...

So with you on city driving. I actually had some fears about driving when I lived in a small town, but thought I had overcome then and was starting to get comfortable with it. Then, I moved to Chicago. Ha! It's kind of terrifying to drive here.

Cassykins said...

I'm like you - amazing at 3-point turns, but can't back up to save my life. I would rather figure out parallel parking than back into a space.

Megan Mae said...

I really really need to take a driver's ed class. You just reminded me my permit is up again. I can either go renew for another year or suck it up and take my test. I don't even know what a three point turn IS.. *hopeless!* Fearless 16 year old I am, and was, not.

byhillary said...

Turning around in a small area. It's been 18 years since I took drivers Ed but I bet it would be really helpful. I have my license but I plan to refresh my knowledge for sure.

Lorena said...

And I thought MY BAG was full !
Have you ever weighed it ?

byhillary said...

Lorena. No I haven't I am sure I wouldn't like what it said. But my purse wasn't even remotely full! Seriously. It was maybe 1/5th