Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Last weekend was the first weekend we had to ourselves in well over a month. We spent it going for a drive up the coast on Saturday and ending up in Rockport MA and over to a part of that town called Bear Skin Neck. Creppy eh?

Photo Apr 21, 10 10 53 PM

The town is a little seaside town with all kinds of shops and the most amazing views. I only went in about 4 places because I wanted an excuse to go back it was so pretty.

Photo Apr 21, 10 10 02 PM

Photo Apr 21, 10 09 21 PM

Photo Apr 21, 5 01 27 PM
isn't that statue hilarious?

Photo Apr 23, 8 48 39 AM

I got this ring there. I collect cocktail rings. I love how they look on me and it is fun to draw attention to my hands. I am a hand talker. OY BOY. Hard to tell in photos but its a super soft milky pink.

We went to Five Guys too.

Photo Apr 21, 10 11 46 PM

One year ago actually this week we went to NYC for a day for Dave's work and I had Five Guys for the first time. I am SO GLAD we don't have one in my town! I still like In N Out better but it quite delicious. Plus the peanuts!

Sunday we just chilled at home and watched Storage Wars all day. Waffle slept all day.

First on her nail clippers.

Photo Apr 22, 11 04 22 PM

Then on a pillow. Because she is the princess and the pea.

Photo Apr 22, 5 24 08 PM

Rough life kitten.

Photo Apr 20, 4 35 22 PM

Some of you saw this is you follow my Facebook page. Remember in the last quiz I asked "what is the first thing people see when they walk in your front door?"An eye level cat. Daisy is on the floor just below this. Waffle was like this as a tiny kitten. She'd climb in the coat rack to get up high to greet us in our last apartment.

So how are you today my lovelies?


Megan Mae said...

Omgomgomg, BabyWaffle's feet were so big. I am aww-ing out loud.

TropigothMama said...

AHHH she was so tiny! And her chirpy mews!
Killing me here. Absolutely killing me. So, so cute.
(Of course she is still cute now but OMG TINY KITTEH)

Robin said...

OhmuhGAH, Baby Waffle! So precious!

I was trying to figure out the story behind that statue. A little kid riding a frog? I'm intrigued.

And I do the same thing. I leave out stuff on trips so I can plan a visit to them for the next time. Lovely photos!