Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We had a busy weekend. We helped someone move on Saturday and worked until we felt we'd collapse.

I thought this was funny. Around lunch time all the furniture had been moved in and we made sandwiches. It wasn't intentional but everyone noticed that the dining room looked like a restaurant with all the little tables.
Sunday was gram's 83rd birthday. I got up early to make her cupcakes before she woke up. (or else she would of stopped me.)

We took her out to brunch. She goes out to breakfast every week. We never go out to breakfast. Ever. Breakfast is the most difficult meal for Celiacs. Ask any Celiac. But we found a place that not only accommodated but had a LOT of options. It was Roost Cafe in Cape Neddick, Maine. Gram ordered the "crabby granny" ahaaa! They had run out of crab though so she had lobster. She was trying to get them to discount it because she "wanted" crab. OY GRAM. Gotta love her.

Dave got a homemade chorizo (!!) omelet with house made salsa AND TOAST! They make everything in house. Insane right??
I got GF creme brulee french toast.

Later back at her house Dave washed the car and I found a cat trapped in the garage! Dave opened the door to the garage and was looking for a bucket to wash the car with. I saw one up in the attic and I volunteered to get it. I put the ladder up that had been kinda crookedly laid up there and climbed up. It is pretty high and the ladder is pretty old so when I heard a noise at out chest level I thought it was the ladder. I kept looking at it wondering if it was about to break. But then I distinctly heard a meow. I look up and in front of me is a beautiful orange kitten. He (she?) was behind some propane bottles. He started nuzzling up on them and knocked one off the edge! oy vey. It fell about 15 feet and hit the cement floor. Luckily nothing happened. I reached for him and was talking in my gentle voice and he let me pet him and he kept talking the whole time. I said to Dave and gram "There is a cat up here" neither one of them believed me! I kept saying SERIOUSLY THERE IS A CAT UP HERE! I asked what I should do he had to of been trapped up here since yesterday the last time the door was open. Gram went and got a dog treat and a bowl of milk. The whole time I was standing on the ladder. Dave handed the bucket back up to me and said put him in it and lower it down. I put the bucket on the top of the ladder and tried picking him up and putting him it in. He was doing what a cartoon cat does and spreading his legs so I couldn't put him in the bucket. Finally I handed the bucked back down. The cat kept making this motion like he was going to come at me. It dawned on me that maybe he wanted to climb down the ladder. So I did and he came right down like he was an old pro at it and ran into the driveway. He stopped and turned and looked at all us. Gram kept saying "where is the stick where is the stick" Dave said "gram you are NOT going to hit him with a stick" HA! She wanted the little stick dog treat to give him! He ran to the road and crossed and ran to a neighbors house that we assume he lived in.
During all this I was thinking the poor thing had been trapped and he must be starving and hungry and I was worried about him. Dave thought "OOOOH CAN WE KEEP HIM"
Dad showed up about 5 minutes after all the excitement and we had the cupcakes.

It was also Hopi's birthday. My little "sister" she turned 13! Of course she got a cupcake too. Chico did too even though he is a demon spawn. ;) (he is off to the left)

After that we headed back to Mass. On Monday because it is a holiday here we hung around and were vegetables and went for a ride. We ended up in a small town and they had a frozen yogurt place that made their own ice cream. I got something I hadn't had in a very long time. A malted frappe!

I always share with Dave but I really was excited at the idea of a malted so I got the gluteniest flavor with powder gluten! Oh man I drank the whole thing. As I was drinking it I even said "I am going to regret this" I did. OY. Mostly couldn't dream of eating again anytime soon. SO FULL!
Oh on the topic of food. On Saturday we stopped at Calef's Country Store that has been around for 130 years. My meme (gram's mom) shopped there in the 20's! I got this little "thing" It was about the size of a quarter wide. That is a little jelly belly if that helps you guess size.

I have no idea technically what it was. I think it was fudge inside. It looked like a cake ball and the flavor kind of was but the texture wasn't right for a cake ball. It was delicious what ever it was.
How was your weekend?


Lorena said...

Looks like you had a good weekend !
All I did were errands... which included taking my grandma who is 82 to the dentist :)

Megan Mae said...

Such an awesome food post. Poor kitty! Glad you got him/her out okay.

Hopi has the best expression. It's very "OMG FOR ME?! You shouldn't hav-NOMNOMNOM"

Also your hair looks so gorgeous. In case you haven't been told enough yet.

Cara said...

I love that food "thing" And what a busy weekend!
WE were a bit more low key. I can barely remember what we did... already planning next weekend

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

What a fun weekend, glad to hear your Gran had a nice birthday.

Great haircut by the way! It looks awesome!