Friday, April 27, 2012

Warm weather means less clothes right?

Warm temps mean warm weather clothes. My closet is seriously lacking in spring and summer clothing. I need to build a wardrobe for summer on the cheap but not feel I have to wear the same 7 things like I did all winter. I thought the easiest way to do this was pick a general theme and if I stick with that anything I get should intermix with what I do own and with each other.

I own mostly red, black, grey and navy so I thought I'd stick with that. With a healthy dose of heart, stars, cats, stripes, animal prints and polka dots. Shocker right? I am not a fan of shopping. I like having things but am not crazy about the process. Usually when I have a grand idea in mind I can do better and less frustrating so I hope this does that? yeah? yeah. I plan to add in pops of hot pink because it is a personal favorite.

I don't know how people make such wonderful collages because I find it HARD. I don't shop online much. Ebates tells me 3 times this quarter and 2 weren't clothes. I do sometimes fill a cart then run away. For years I got away with it now stores email you! "hey did you forget something" DAMN.

Here are things similar to what I have in my closet now. Some are exact items (sailor dress, red pants, shoes, denim)

Here are looks I'd like to add to my closet. Things that look like this. Not necessarily these items.

Do you go into seasons with a theme in mind? Anything you want to add to your wardrobe? Do you make collages of what you want? Does it help?

I am hoping with a goal of what I want in mind it will make it easier to add to it so I don't end up with a bunch of things that don't match one another and I am stuck in the same boat I am now.


Rebecca said...

I don't know how people make such pretty collages, either. It would take me a whole day to put one together!

I kind of go into the season with a theme in mind -- like, this spring I want to purchase colored bottoms, print tops, and bright colors. That's about it. I thrift practically all my clothes, so my list is open-ended. I don't have the patience or energy to scour all the thrift stores for specific items, so I try to keep a general idea of what I want so I'll stay on track.

I just made shopping and thrifting like a chore, didn't I? ha..

Lorena said...

This is a hard one to tackle.
I only have to cope with 2 seasons and still have a hard time.
If I like something I am making an effort to first go into my closet and find something similar - if its not there then I will begin a hunt.
Right now I have dived into pastels and bought a few pieces...

grace said...

I do think collages help. Pinterest, too. If I start with what you've got--a collage of what I already have--I'm less likely to choose things that just won't work. I've found trying to plan that way to be really helpful when it comes to maternity shopping, since it's so hard to visualize everything together and I have to buy nearly everything online.

I also highly recommend hitting places with free shipping/free return shipping, when possible, and over-ordering, knowing some of what you order is going to be sent back. For some reason, that tends to work well for me, especially with shoes, which are one of my hardest-to-find items.

Taylor said...

Why spend time on collages since we have Pinterest now? I have a "coveting" board full of things I would love to have and a "fixing a hole" board full of things that would do just that - fix a hole in my wardrobe to enable me to put together outfits with things I already own.

byhillary said...

On shopstyle I can search by Price color and store. Pinterest I have to know what I want to pin. On ahopatyle I can sort it and choose from hundreds of items that match my description.

Megan Mae said...

I love all your picks, especially that red star top. I do tend to have color schemes for summer (green)/winter (red), but I don't force it. My style is constantly in flux and sometimes things don't always match up. I do wish I could add: More metal details, a tulle skirt, and more snake print. Ultimately, my clothing choices become limited to what I ferret out at thrift stores/ebay.