Thursday, April 12, 2012

Take a chill pill hill

I am a stresser. I am also stubborn so I will not admit when I am stressing. I stress about people, things, work, animals. I stress about being stressed. But the point of all this is music helps me a lot.

One of my all time "best" chill the hell out songs is Dream a Little Dream. It was my wedding song but it was "my song" for much longer than that. As a kid I was obsessed with the Mel Torme version. I would play it on an endless loop. I may or may not of been obsessed when the movie came out with the corys. (totally obsessed) and I may or may not of watched it every single day as I got ready for school. So many amazing people have covered the song. (Zooey!) but my fave is Mama Cass and that was the one we played at our wedding.

Daisyboo is our little stresser. She does not like being in a carrier or the car and she throws a fit to the point she is crying and having a hard time breathing. (same with cutting her nails) She is such a mild mannered cat it KILLS ME when she does that. We have tried a lot of things to try and calm her down and I found the one thing that actually works is singing to her or playing the song on my iPhone for her. What song? You are gonna laugh.

At first I thought I was being the crazy cat lady I know I am turning into and thought I was projecting. Nope I've shown people. She gets all purr-y and snuggly when I play it. Maybe she wants to marry me. Waffle is not a stresser. She is usually the one that causes everyone around her to stress out. She had never responded to music until recently. I was singing Gotye Someone I Used to Know to her the other day and she LOVED IT. I tried it a couple more times and she really likes it. I make up words about her too.

We used to have a Guinea Pig who LOVED Sheryl Crow. He would get all squeaky and popcorn dance around to her.

Do you have a song to chill out? Do you have songs for when you wan to change your mood?

Bush - Glycerine makes me nostalgic.
Soul Coughing - Janie makes me remember falling in love with my husband.
R Kelly - Ignition Remix make me smile. It is so ridiculous.
The Notorious B.I.G - Hypnotize. I instantly start dancing. (I am sure it resembles Elaine on Seinfeld)
Kanye West - Gold Digger if I want to roll the windows down and hand fly.

 I may end up deleting this but this is me singing Soul Coughing in the car. I just noticed the date. EXACTLY to the day 4 years ago.



Dave77459 said...

How fun! I listen to music all the time to set my mood. My current favorite is Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)". I like the lyrics, and the beat gets me moving. And of course she is gorgeous. :-p

Cara said...

Our wedding song was "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes, and that can often lift me out of a bad mood. However, I find I go through phases with music, and choose entire CDs rather than single songs to pull me through. When I was making the decision to leave my job, I listened to the Buffy soundtrack for "Once More With Feeling" on repeat. Panic! At the Disco got me through a bad break up many long years ago.

grace said...

So many...but I love the destress effects of good trip-hop. And Soul Coughing...

Which Cory was your Cory??

EvaNadine said...

a few years ago, we went to see my friends band play and we got there in time to hear the opening act, a (new to us) singer-songwriter named Rachel Garlin. we generally enjoyed her whole set, but when she played this song, i leaned over and told my now-hubby that THIS would be our wedding song. i bought the CD right there and when we got married it was our first dance. ever since i heard it, it helps me re-center whenever things are bumpy between us.

Lorena said...

If I am down and suicidal i like to listen to reggae music. It makes me happy.

D'Rae said...

I LOVED that movie!!!! My guilty pleasure movie is "The Lost Boys". All my friends make fun of me because I like that movie.

Lab geek said...

Anything by Radiohead will make me breathe a sight of relief.
However when I sing at home (I am not terrible, in tune most of the time), Miss measles stares at me and after a minute she comes and paws at my head. I think she dislike my singing and is trying to find the mute button.

Megan Mae said...

My chill out music changes depending on what mood I'm in. Guided by voices will always put me in a good mood, but I also like nostalgic 90s music I grew up with. Especially 90s "dance" music.

My cat, Gomez, who still resides with my grandparents used to zone to Poe's Dolphin (

I'm much more of an Angry Johnny ( fan. Mmm angry rock music.

Taylor said...

Oh, man - Ignition Remix came on the radio the other day and it was the first time I'd heard it since probably 2003 and it made me so HAPPY. I texted a friend immediately to alert her that it was on - I remember thinking it was so hilarious that year, when we were 23, that the lyrics sounded like a children's song. "Gimme a toot toot, gimme a beep beep."

One song that will ALWAYS make me happy - Freedom 90. I love some George Michael and I will sing it and do dance moves to it until the end of time. Also - God Only Knows by the Beach Boys because it reminds me of my husband. And! Your Song by Elton John which I would play on an endless loop when I was pregnant (and single) with my oldest son... it makes me tear up when I hear it now because I associate it with my feelings about my unborn child.

Sounds so stupid to say but I just LOVE music. One song, one note, can take me back to a certain time and place in a matter of seconds and it's amazing what specific memories I conjure up with whatever song it is.

byhillary said...

Taylor. Your song is one of my favorite songs of all time. I danced with my dad at my wedding cause I thought he'd appreciate it. He got watery eyes when it came on and I said "for you dad" because as a single dad (partial time with him) I knew it would hit home with him. So funny you also had similar idea.
Music is sooo special. It can change everything.

I loved reading everyone's response thanks guys!