Friday, April 20, 2012

Slim into summer

Please welcome a guest post by Breville Blender

Summer is the best time to start a new, healthy living regime. The warmer weather will soon bring a great range of produce to our shelves, meaning that eating healthily will no longer be a chore. The warmer months should also act as an incentive to get out and about, and get the blood pumping – giving you the chance to slim into summer.

Here are some ideas to get you inspired for a new health kick:

Homemade salmon burgers: Light, healthy and easy to make – salmon is a superfood packed with omega 3 and plenty of vitamins.

Smoothies: The beauty of smoothies is that you can use any fruit or veg you have lying around, making it a great way to use up overripe foods that would otherwise go to waste. All you need is the right equipment – try a Breville blender for easy blending. We recommend strawberry and banana for a healthy and easy snack fix.

Seafood paella: A Spanish rice dish, cooked all in one pan for minimal fuss.

Chilled pea and watercress soup: A perfect summer soup which is easy to make and refreshing to eat.

Country salad: A country salad is hearty enough to suffice as a meal. Simply toss together some salad leaves, capers (optional), lemon juice and olive oil, and finish with a halved hardboiled egg and some chopped ham.

It’s so easy to eat healthily in the summer and you’ll notice the benefits straight away. Fresh fruit and vegetables make you feel and look better – so you’ll soon see the improvement in your hair, skin and energy levels. Plus, a brand new diet will make bikini season a little less terrifying!

As well as eating right this summer, try getting into a healthy exercise routine. You should aim to work out for thirty minutes at least three times a week, but this doesn’t have to be too strenuous. Going for a walk is perfectly good exercise and will mean you get some sunshine and fresh air – both great mood boosters.

When embarking on a healthy diet and exercise regime, make sure you drink plenty of water. This is important all year round, but even more so in summer when the warmer weather will make you more dehydrated. Drink plenty to keep up energy levels, avoid headaches and keep your skin and hair looking fresh and hydrated all summer long.

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