Tuesday, April 17, 2012

red yellow green red blue blue blue


oh hai. I am matchy von matchypants today. Skirt is navy pink and coral. Shoes are coral. shirt is navy, cami, belt and earrings are pink and nails are hot pink. Oh bracelet pink and coral.

Skirt Old Navy
Shirt and Belt Target.
Shoes Dansko from Berks
Bracelet Gap

details 2

I thought you could see the nails and belt here a little better. So this skirt came with a blue ribbon which I didn't like. It made to much swooshy noises. I tried a bunch of wide belts because of the large belt loops and I didn't like how it sat because this skirt I THINK should be mid waist. (higher or lower I look SHORT!) I was on the fence with this little belt but Dave said I was over thinking it. OF COURSE I AM. That is what I do. This top I didn't try it on in the store and it is way too big. It is a faux wrap and the top criss crossed over. You can't tell because of how dark it is but I would literally be flashing people all day. I didn't even try it on until this morning. Oh well. They have them at Target right now for about $8. In the proper size it is a cute "dresser" t-shirt which the cross over and the side rouching.



I'll be back later with a weekend post!
Hope everyone is well!
I like to use exclamation points!


DaniellaBella said...

Your hair looks fabulous! I love how it's always so shiny and healthy-looking. And I really dig the skirt too. I've seen so many people with similar shoes to you and it's really making me want to buy some. Must save money!

Megan said...

Wow! Everything about this outfit is fabulous especially the skirt. Pockets!

Lorena said...

me encanta el cabello !
(meant to say I love the hair!)
Certainly a great fan of the shoes too.
You are looking mighty pretty.

TropigothMama said...

I also love exclamation points!
I have to edit all my posts for them :p
I like your matchy-matchy outfit :)

Vivi R said...

Love your hair! I think you've posted the nail polish before, but I'm too lazy to look for it...what brand/color is that?

Cassykins said...

You look fantastic as usual. I think the belt is a perfect touch to the outfit myself. Glad you kept it in the mix.

Bernadette said...

check you out! nice doo

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

I over-do exclamation points and go back and edit out of embarrassment.
Those clogs are AHmazing.
Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

Cara said...

Love the hair! Such great body and shiny!
And Matchy Matchy is great. I love the retro style of the matchy matchy, and the silhouette, with the modern print!

Stacey said...

I love this look!!

Rebecca said...

Those shoes are so cute!

LAPT said...

Love love LOVE the new haircut! It will be so nice when the real summer heat hits. :-)

Unknown said...

Love everything - including your hair do and Fab shoes!

Unknown said...

Love everything - including your hair do and Fab shoes!

Robin said...

Shut the front door. You look *amazing* from head to toe! One of the best color combos ever.