Monday, April 02, 2012

Oy sorry to go MIA life got well, tough. Sometimes life is so complicated you can't even think straight. Last week one day we bought a car and 12 hours later I heard this happened. Before you visit the link, know it is about a human tragedy. A horrible tragedy of a friend of mine. I can't even write it here because I am still so angry.

One minute I was excited and thrilled and scared because we were buying our first new car and then instantly I didn't care about anything. I dropped off the internet for a week. I stopped playing games (I had over a dozen going at once) and honestly was furious every time someone "nudged" me. I told people on Twitter and Facebook what happened but honestly, most people just ignored it. I probably would have too. Dozens of times I probably saw a friend or an acquaintance post something similar and I stopped for a second, thought "how terrible" and moved on. If I did that to you ever I apologize. I get it. I get it now. This is not the first person I have lost, but it is my first friend. I have lost people I loved with all my heart but something about this just rocked me. I think because WE ARE THE SAME AGE. I sat next to him in class for years. I would snark with him on Facebook, hell we had just days before, never knowing what was real or fake because all we ever talked in was sarcasm. Everyday this past week I went and looked at his page and all the funny things people are saying about not being too much of a smart ass to god. And you know what? That would be how he wanted it. If he could see this he'd probably say something vaguely rude and hilarious and tell me to knock it off.

I'll end it on this note. I know you hear it over and over but seriously. Don't drive drunk. You aren't just putting your life at risk and if this story doesn't show you that then I think you need some help.

I am actually going to turn the comments off on this one. I will be back in an hour with a topic of lighter note. I just wanted to share with you in hopes it makes one person stop and think abou their actions before they get behind the wheel.