Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Lets go riding in the car car

I knew in the last post I would be back in an hour. I meant an hour + 47 hours. So that brings me to now. (Good math huh?)

OK so fun topics. Warning I am going to talk way too much about cars. I know I know WHO AM I?

We bought a new car. What a terrifically stressful experience. To all that have done it without heartburn the entire time my hat is off to ya. We have owned 4 cars.

1. 1987 Camry


Totaled in 1999 when we were at a stop light the day before we were MOVING! oy. Also a week after we turned 200,000 miles. What a fun time that was. Oh the point. It was Dave's parents car they let him take when he moved to Florida 7 months before. "Hi mom and dad, uh someone just hit us, NO NO WE ARE FINE but the car is totaled. umm. Yeah I'm not old enough to rent a car..."  After we had turned 200,000 miles on the original clutch, original owners and 2 people learned to drive on it we had sent photos and a letter to Toyota. About a month later after it was totaled and we had a new car we got a letter saying they were excited for us and what a great car it was. Tre sad. We both talk about that car like it was a long lost love.

2. 1990 Camry.
Day we gave it up to 1-800-junkmycar
Special remix pop "helping" dave

This replaced the 1987. It was automatic instead of manual. Then we got hit in that car and it was "almost" totaled but they fixed it in 2000 and it was never the same again. OH then someone hit it again in 2001 and this time while parked. Dave came out and the car was sideways in the spot with a note on it. Again they fixed it. No joke it was three years in a row. Every single time the car was stopped when it was hit. We owned this car for almost 10 years. Dave and Dad and Pop did a lot of work on it but other than the accidents we never went to a mechanic. It was really odd experience, since Dave's parents owned the last Camry the insurance paid them for it and they turned around the same day and got the 1990 and SHIPPED it to Florida. It showed up at our apartment on a flatbed truck. When it was hit the second time it took awhile to get it into the shop and I had to ride in the back seat. Then years later because of what had happened the door would have "issues" but never getting into the car, just when getting out. So I'd have to climb out the window. Once I did it at someones house I was meeting for the first time. I was like WHAT A GREAT IMPRESSION. My ass climbing out the car window.

3. 1997 Ford Taurus.
We went car less for about a year then Pop stepped in. He didn't like us not having a car even though living in the city we technically didn't need one. He took it upon himself to buy a car, fix it up and then one day take us into the garage show us say "what do you think? How about $500" We were so confused! We had no idea what was going on. After he died we learned he spent a long time with gram hunting for cars "good on gas mileage" and took this home and spent weeks working on it. It was a TANK. I swear it was the biggest car in the world. (It felt it at least) and sadly it didn't even last us a year. It died when Pop did. I wish I was kidding. The day before the funeral my cousin's friend said "there is something seriously wrong with your car" and he looked at it and fixed it up so it was drive able for us. It had no heat, no ac and sounded like someone was choking it and the frame was cracked. We had to salvage it. The thing that broke on it was something Pop never would of seen. We only knew because they put it on a lift for the state inspection.

4. 2001 Jeep Cherokee.

Spending quality time.

This is what it was like to own the Jeep. I can't tell you how much money we would of spent if it weren't for my dad, Dave, a manual and their ability to look things up on youTube. They will have to find a new way to spend quality time.

 We got this car from a friend of my dad's. He wasn't even selling it but my dad talked him into it. We paid cash. It lasted us exactly 1 year and on the anniversary of the funeral we bought a new car. Odd coincidence but honestly it wasn't going to pass the inspection that was up. It too had a cracked frame. We got this on the 1 year anniversary of the funeral. Pop would of HATED us owning it. He was very anti jeep. Not safe, not good on gas mileage. grumble grumble. (my dad has the same one but in black.)

5. 2012 Subrau Impreza 5 door.

Ain't she purty? (psst she's plum!)

Dude Pop would LOVE THIS CAR. Awesome on gas mileage, won safest small family car, got a great deal on it, got exactly what we paid for the jeep on trade in. We looked into a lot of other cars but Subaru had everything Dave wanted. Sustainably made, good gas, very safe, good to drive and did I mention safe.

I am sure our neighbors laugh as we stand outside and stare at it. In disbelief we own a car from the same decade. Living in Boston for the past 10 years we never needed a car but now we drive daily instead of monthly. Dave has to drive out to his job site more now too. Ugh I would get so freaked out knowing he was on the road for 4 hours in the Jeep. I thought one of the wheels would pop off and leave him stranded in the back woods with no cell service.

Gram's reaction upon seeing it for first time. You can see her saying "oooh"

Grams reaction. We tried to surprise her an she wasn't home so we had to track her down!

We took her for a ride. She didn't want to get out. Hard to tell from my cellphone pics but it is a deep plum color.

Took gram for a ride.

First person to spill something in it is going to get shanked.


carolyn said...

Congrats on your new car. You'll love the Subarau. We are still driving our 1997 Legacy Wagon that we bought new (well, my 20 year old son drives it now) and recently bought a used 2005 Outback. One of our priorities when we bought it in 97 was for it to last 10 years - 15 years later and she's still running strong. It was fun seeing your car history!

Teresa Kulupka said...

ooh purple er plum. still very pretty !

byhillary said...

teresa. They call it "deep cherry" it's very redish/ purple/ black. A friend said "plum" was a good descriptor. It's odd color. Kinda like a OPI polish I have called black cherry chutney.

byhillary said...


byhillary said...

carolyn. That is exactly the car owners we intend on being. Own it until you can't own it no more. Drive it until it falls apart!

Jane said...

What a beauty! Congrats on your new auto! :)

Lorena said...

It's fun to see your cars through the years.
They have a connection with what was happening arund you at the time.
Your new one is a beauty - I have never owned a new car.
My newest one was 5 years old and it was a a piece of trash.
I too think cars should last at least 15 year.s

K said...

Congrats on the great looking car! We just traded in my bf's 1995 honda passport for a 2003 honda cr-v and he is loving it. I too know what it's like to worry about someone getting somewhere. He used to call me every morning once he got to work saying he made it. I still say his passport was powered by unicorns and magic. Anywhoo-congrats again!

byhillary said...

lorena. I had written up a whole thing but deleted it because the post was too long. We had no intentions on buying new when this all started but for what Dave wanted (this is his car really) to get a used one it was litearaly only going to save us $1,000. It seemed silly. Subaru has a high resale value which is good for an owner bad for someone trying to buy used. The also charge such a high interest on used which jacks up the price in the end. New it drops to almost nothing. I am still a little sick to my stomach that we have a new car. I freak out every time he parks it!

Heather said...

wooooooooo shiney!

(I love that you are able to describe the colour by naming an OPI nailpolish. you are awesome.)

Cara said...

1997 Taurus a boat? We have one! Sadly, it's not the biggest boat I've driven. I miss my 1984 Reliant station wagon. We also do the "drive until it falls apart" which is why buying new is totally justifiable! In about 6 months we'll start looking for a new car. Hopefully we'll be in a position to buy brand new! So jealous! It's a great colour!

Cassykins said...

First I just wanted to say from your last post that I'm really sorry for your loss. It broke my heart and made me immediately accept my friend's invitation to hang out because you just never know.

Your new car looks amazing! Wonder if it would match mine side by side. Mine is called "blackberry pearl" technically, whatever that means. Just looks black in every picture I take, though.

Megan Mae said...

Congrats on the new car. It's fabulous. I admit I'm partial to the simplicity of older cars. Cars scare me anyway, and the technology they put into brand new cars is probably outside what I could handle. Hope you guys get to enjoy the new car as much as the first one. ;D

byhillary said...

At Megan Mae. Hell I don't even know how to drive. The only "technology" this car has that is confusing to me is it is automatic or standard. Dave LOVES that. He always loved the first car because it was standard. Thats why we went subaru.. Simple sleek and awesome. A 1990 Volvo is my dream.

Taylor said...

Ooooooooh so very, very jealous. I wanted a Subaru - and ONLY a Subaru - when I was looking for a new car two years ago. I had planned on getting a Legacy sedan that was 1 or 2 years old but couldn't find any! People never get rid of them! I ended up with my cute little Mazda 3 but if I had my choice it would have been a Subaru all the way. Sweet car, Hillary!

Dave77459 said...

Congratulations! I love owning a new car, but the process to get it is so stressful. But feeling safe and reliable just can't be matched.