Thursday, April 19, 2012

I like turquoise

Got a little slap happy with the blur tool in potatoshop today. Honestly I am too lazy to even consider it most days (ok everyday) but the construction stuff on my neighbors porch was so distracting. Then while I was doing that I kinda just started to go nuts. Ha this is why I avoid potatoshop I am totally one of those people that tends to overdo it. Remember Lucille's license photo on Arrested Development? That.


This was with my iphone. Oddly good compared to usual huh?


It felt like everyone and their kid was out this morning while doing this. They must of heard I was trying to take a secret photo and they sent out an APB. My hair was sticking out on one side when I woke up so I just curled the rest to match. Not bad. Lots of people came up to tell me they liked it and I did not as I suggested look like a flying nun.

Dress Land's End. (I got in January but they still sell it)
Boots Clarks (old!)
Sweater NY and Co 2008?
Necklace Avon 2007
Bracelet CSA conference 2007
Earrings I made. (need to take detail)

Avon catalog photo

avon turquoise necklace

turquoise bracelet celiac


Clarks Jan 2008 Got for a STEAL!

Someone asked me what my polish was on last photo. They said they were too lazy to look it up. Ha. I am too lazy to find the damn bottle! I know it is by Essie. I did some cleaning on Monday so it could be anywhere at this point. I am known to tuck things in weird places in a panic clean up mode. It was from a summer collection 3 or 4 years ago. Any neon pink with a clear coat would look same. It chips too easy for my taste.

How are you today?
I am ready for the weekend. I have had this dull headache for two day and I can't shake it. It isn't a migraine and isn't a full fledged headache. Just a dull ache in my head. I think it is allergies.


Megan said...

Your hair looks very nice all flippy like that.

I am feeling happy today because I have tomorrow off and I'm having my hair cut and coloured tonight which is always a fun time.

Lorena said...

Avon never ceases to surprise me with their accessories, that is a beautiful necklace.

Taylor said...

I've got the allergy headache happening too... annoying!

This just reiterates my thought that I NEED a leopard-print cardi in my life. Your hair does look good like that - no flying nuns anywhere, ha!

Megan Mae said...

I like the leopard print cardigan and your flippy hair. I think it's a cute alternate way to wear it. Mine is reach that curl out stage. Or "fwippy" as I call it.

Ugh, today. I nearly bitched out a girl in one of my classes because she kept giving wrong answers and going "close enough" when people (I mean, me) corrected her... only she spends every class on her phone and never brings books, pens or paper. People who are in college, but treat it like high school are wearing on my nerves. Ready for the semester to be over.

grace said...

Isn't the allergy headache a bear?

Your hair looks AWESOME like that. I love it. I also really like the necklace.