Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy 10th Birthday byhillary!

I originally bought byhillary in 2002 to serve a dual purpose. I was doing craft fairs and selling things to my friends at the time and wanted a web store because that was THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE. I was also about to graduate and I needed a portfolio site temporarily. That is why the b(u)y hillary. It was punny. Buy my stuff and stuff by me. Yeah not terribly original but no one ever questioned it either. I still have a box of business cards from 2002 when Dave designed that first site for me and was working at a graphic design firm with a great printer!

My site has changed a lot over the years. I ditched the flash in 2004 and starting make it more a blog. That content is still out there. I just have no intention to linking you to it. :) it was mega lame anyways. Nothing salacious. Original flash site. You would hover over things and they lit up. Initially I wanted to start a site because my friend Kendra had this amazing site called "I dream in blue" . So amazing. Funnily enough she is probably the only person besides Dave that has been around my site since day 1. In-fact she bought my very first t-shirt I sold! I wish I had full screen shot of 2006 version. I only have the header! (2004 is chopped on purpose :P )


2004 rework


2006 rework


2008 rework


 2010 rework


and 2011 rework as it is today.

. 2011

Sadly I don't remember the EXACT date. I know it was April 20something 2002. I would have to dig through old zip disks to find the exact file and I don't think I even have a zip disk reader anymore! Thank you to all who read! I appreciate everyone of you. Well except you over there with the scowl. Oh hell, actually I appreciate you too. You aren't nobody until someone dislikes you! ;)

And a super special thank you to my web monkey who has designed every single thing on this site since the beginning. Thank you for being a perfectionist and insisting every 2 years I overhaul the site and update my little icon with my current hair color!


david said...

strangely enough, while you were writing this post I was on godaddy updating our credit card info for the auto-renew coming up in July.
glad you like the sites :)

Kasmira said...

Happy Birthday, byhillary! I love seeing the changes over the years.

Jess said...

Happy site birthday! :-) This makes me realize I've been Internet stalking you for a long time...LOL

Ann said...

Happy birthday!!!! Love this site!

Julia said...

Happy Birthday!

The image on the header with you in a pink dress with the pink heart balloon always makes me so happy.

Lorena said...

Awwww congratulations Hillary !
I like to see how the site/blog has evolved and most importantly that 10 years later you are stll there!
I remember the header when I started reading your blog :)

Dave77459 said...

Congratulations! I am glad you are still going!

Melissa said...

Well happpy, happy blog birthday! And you're right, you're no one until someone dislikes you. :) I'm fairly certain there aren't a lot who could dislike you though!

Hope you're having a great week!

Megan Mae said...

Happy Blog-o-versary! Congrats on the long lived site, and here's to hopefully many more years of posting.