Thursday, April 05, 2012

Exciting world of outfit photos

While backing up my computer I found a bunch of stuff that I never posted. Back in December I took some photos to show you "how I took my pictures" Not because I do a good job of it, nor have any tricks. Mostly because it was boring and it is kinda fun to animate boring shit. Suddenly it is exciting. Like when you create a PowerPoint presentation and add kittens. (not even joking that is happened no less than 4 times in my 6 years working here. Someone putting kittens in a presentation. Not once by me even!)

(not sure why the quality is so bad. This was the first time I did it in potatoshop)

I am always early to work because Dave and I work different schedules and he drops me off. I would get in and run upstairs trying to get it done before the students got in. Look for a spot that didn't clash with my outfit, take some pics, take some details, run back down and set it to upload, realize I hated some of the upclose so I'd go in take a few more in conference room, upload those then leave and get a coffee. You're totally wowed huh? **yawn**
This was the outfit from that day.

Photo Dec 20, 9 15 57 AM

Apparently that was also the work holiday party day.
Camera Roll-2405

So much food and none of it I would eat. oy. I try not to eat food I don't know what is in it. Visually looking too there were a lot of things I need to avoid in most the dishes. I have a couple of allergies that aren't fun. (Sesame, Kiwi, Mushroom, Yeast and Dairy) I am not just saying that either because I don't like them.

I drink coffee daily but that is only the past 3 years. I never had an issue with it. The other things though? OY. The mushroom thing is just a guess. 4 times in a row having mushrooms I felt like someone was trying to kill me so I decided that maybe I have an issue with them. Strawberries are hit or miss with me. I think same with kiwi. Depends on if they were sprayed or not.

I wonder if you should have tests like that redone periodically? This was from 2004.

Bored to tears yet?

I am off to get a cup of evil coffee. yum


Lorena said...

I read the entire post.
You crack me up.
I think you should get tested every 2 or 3 years - this is coming from someone with no allergic reactions..yet.
I am going to get an evil coffee too.

Dr. Da said...

I have a mushroom allergy too! And since I am mostly vegetarian (I do eat seafood), avoiding mushrooms can get really tricky!

Taylor said...

I don't eat things from potlucks either - but for a different reason. Ever since I started watching Hoarders - and saw some of those nasty, NASTY kitchens those people cooked in - I will not eat something prepared by someone whose house I have never visited!

Cute outfit by the way - I have recently discovered the awesome-ness of square scarves and wearing them like that.

byhillary said...

Oh sweet baby cheesus I never thought of that. Now I forever shall think of that. OMG PEOPLE ARE SO GROSS. Seriously.

I found it in a facecream recently by origins! I thought ummm better not chance it!

evil but so wonderful

Megan Mae said...

Like Taylor, I don't eat at potlucks either. I rarely eat any food that wasn't made by me, my Mom, or restaurants with good scores (bonus if they use gloves). I think it's an OCD thing though. I don't like people touching my food. >.>

Also all the foods you listed are on my yuck-list. Maybe this is why your food posts make me hungry.

I wish I had coffee now too.