Friday, March 09, 2012

Mini Sephora Haul

Last night I had a couple hours to kill and I took advantage of the 60 degrees temps and walked over to Sephora. Here is my mini haul.

sephora haul

Philosophy Eternal Grace perfume $15 and Betsy Johnson for Sephora OPI Too Too scented nail polish in It's My Pink. $9.50 (Not pictured is First Aid Beauty face wash and cream for Dave. You think you have sensitive skin? Try being tactile Celiac (also called DH). Poor thing) I couldn't find a link to the small size perfume just the large one below but it does exist!

I got the Buxom gloss and the Caudaline samples for free.

The perfume.


I have mentioned before my love for almost all Philosophy perfumes. I am rather particular with my scents but something about their line just hits a home run with me. This one I had sprayed on my hand last week while in a store and forgot about it. Later in the day Dave kept saying he liked how something smelled. Took me forever to remember I had sprayed the scent. I got the small size. It is hard to describe it. I am TERRIBLE at knowing scent notes. It is clean, slightly musk, tish of citrus and a soft green smell. Don't ask what a soft green smell is because I have no idea but it just popped in my head.

The polish.

nails cropped

I saw this in the Sephora email so I thought I'd check it out. I had a CK1 "inspired" polish in 1994 that I only just threw away like a year ago. I was OBSESSED with it. This one is very lightly scented only when it is totally dry. One thing to note with scented polish is if you want the full scent you can't use a top coat. Polish without a fast dry top coat takes forever to dry. It got all smudged and dinged because I am so trained that my nails are dry in under 5 minutes. It is a gorgeous color. It is Betsy's signature pink and the scent is very faint. It is supposed to smell like her perfume Too Too. I admit I have never smelled it but the polish reminds me of a faint whiff of Angel perfume. (one of my mom's favorites. I get teary eyed when I smell it because it is so MOM. She lives too far away)

The Buxom gloss in Sugar.

6966771905_bae2e03782_o IMG_0017

This was a gift for cashing in points. I have tried this gloss before when I was attacked by people on the street doing lip makeovers a couple years ago. It is a plumping gloss. I really like how it looks on. It makes me feel fancy. Maybe it is the name BUXOM, the packaging or the fact that it ever so slightly tingles. That is the plumper. I don't know if my lips look plumper but I dig it anyways. If you don't like the tingle this is not a gloss for you. Oh it is made by the Bare Essentials people.

cropped makeup

(It took all my power not to potatoshop the glasses mark on my nose. My face is SOOC here. I will tell you MAC mineralize powder is amazing because my skin is soooo red and broken out right now and the powder makes light bounce off without making it sparkly, like some light diffusers do. I have been using the same powder for 1.5 years and I am just getting down to the pan)

Any plans for the weekend?
We are going to a huge family party hopefully tomorrow. Dave has been sick all week though so it depends on how he is feeling tomorrow.


Cassykins said...

I think I need to try that polish. I got a sample of the actual perfume with my last Sephora order and kind of like it. Pinks are also surprisingly under-present in my nail polish collection, so it's totally justified...

Hope Dave is feeling better. I've been sick for the last couple of weeks myself, so I've been doing nothing and plan to keep doing nothing.

Jess said...

I need to try Mineralize but I'm really afraid I'll have a skin reaction to it, because I can't wear mineral makeup. I wish I could find something like it that I know is "safe" to wear. I wonder if Stila makes anything similar...

byhillary said...

Could you patch test it? I HATE mineralize makeup ususally. bare essentials made me break out like woah.

byhillary said...

pinks don't get enough love from me either. I had ton of blue and darks but low on pinks.

Patricia said...

That is a fabulous color nail polish. Thinking a trip to Sephora might be in store for me this weekend.

I love the Philosophy perfume too. My favorite in the line is Inner Grace.

This weekend, I'm probably taking the train to Santa Fe to putter around and then on Sunday, seeing John Waters speak. Woo hoo!

Cassykins said...

I'm like Hillary, it was the Bare Essentials one that made me break out like crazy. Found out it's the bismuth in it, it's a horrible irritant. If that was the brand that was your culprit, too, you should totally patch test another (one that doesn't have bismuth of course) It can be awesome stuff when it's not making you want to tear your face off!

Megan Mae said...

I love trying to describe perfume smells. People always tell me I'm crazy, but describing smells can be a fun experience. I only wish I could wear perfumes. Unfortunately most floral/fruit/musks give me migraines. I have gotten rather obsessed with "herby" smelling shampoos. The John Freida root awakening smells super good and reminds me of when I henna (which smells sortof like wet hay, and I add cloves to my mix).

byhillary said...

You know what is weird. I have these smells. I wear them no issue. then one day they smell like the worst thing in the world and I get a migraine and avoid it for weeks only to try it again and it be fine. I can't do florals or grapefruit at all they make my head explode. Musk doesn't seem to bother me except as described above.

I joke that is why I have a variety because I don't know what ones will make me want to vomit that day or not. (I don't actually vomit. ever.)

I am obsessed with ginger scents. Anything with ginger in it.

Cara said...

Green is totally a smell. The minute you said it smelled green, I knew exactly what you were talking about!