Thursday, February 02, 2012

Urban Decay Naked 2

Second verse, same as the first.

No not really. But it made for a good intro.

Urban Decay Naked 2 has been available only for the past month or so(?) but was only released at Sephora on January 26th.

I went in store to look at it and decide did I really NEED a second one? I didn't pay for the first one myself it was a "gift" for Christmas from my gram. (Well she gave me money to pick something) I wasn't sure I wanted 2 since online I thought it looked too similar to 1. It is hard to put a finger on it but it is different. I want to say there are more peachy tones in some of these shades. There is one duplicate shade but the rest are different.

Side by side comparison.

2 on top 1 on bottom

Do you need both? Absolutely not. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get it (hell I did!) They are different. It is all about what you can afford and how much you think you will use. I have been opening both every day and mixing and matching shades. I love Pistol from 2 mixed with Creep and Gunmetal from 1. I love Virgin and Sin from 1 mixed with Toasted in 2.

Naked 2 retails for $50 and comes with a double ended brush and a tiny tiny lip gloss. While a lot of people prefer 2's packaging... I do but for small issues. 2 comes in a sturdy tin with a huge mirror which is bonus major improvement. My complaint is that it won't lay flat and I actually have a hard time opening it. The one with it's magnet is so easy but admittedly terrible to travel with. I have to fight to open it every morning and I wait one morning I fling it across the room. Maybe I just got a bum tin. Sometimes that happens if it has the slightest dent it in somewhere. I wish they had used a real hinge instead of a plastic one. That is why it won't lay flat on my desk.

The only shades I don't like are the mattes. I don't have a lot of application skills so I am not good at wearing or applying mattes myself. Shimmer hides mistakes in my mind.

Something funny happened on Instagram. When I posted a photo of palette 1, a childhood friend of mine, I guess unless you know him it wouldn't shock you but picture that guy in your life the "I'm a man, men don't wear pink" type guy telling you this.... He commented "Naked 2 is out, you should totally get it" And he was totally right. I loved it.

As an aside my color theory professor from college would be SO DISAPPOINTED I couldn't point out the differences in color to you.

Sorry guys I totally forgot to post the pic with the looks!


Lab geek said...

I have both of the palettes as well. I like them both! I also don't think they overlap as much as you think you do when you first look at them.

Cassykins said...

Your friend telling you to go get Naked 2 made me laugh. I can't imagine Matt telling me anything about makeup, he still thinks anything that goes on the eye is eyeshadow (shadow, mascara, liner)

I really like the way Naked 2 looks and would much prefer the packaging to the nasty nasty velvety stuff on the original, but I just am not a neutrals girl.

byhillary said...

Honestly until 3 weeks ago I wans't either. But i have recieved so many compliments on how my eyes look the past few weeks I am rethinking it all. I also mix them with colors.

Robin said...

I was at ULTA the other day and had to keep slapping my hands from buying this. Now that I see it in picture form? Yeah, I don't think my tax return would mind being used for this.

Looks great!