Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Thursday Jan 28th 2012

You may of noticed I have been posting last weeks photos. They might not be on the day but I did take a photo every single day last week. I haven't done that in forever. Not putting so much pressure on it made it easier.

That said I HATE my bangs in these pictures. eh. oh well. I love the sweater.

Sweater Old Navy
Chambray shirt Lands End Canvas. Bought with free gift card from Lucky.
Jeans Seven for all Mankind
I am wearing the same shoes and jeans combo I wear CONSTANTLY yet today I feel I look wicked short. Shows how warped our own senses can be. I wore them yesterday and didn't feel short at all.

It isn't my current style at all. But it is something I would of adored if I had seen someone else where it.... Which I did. I saw it at the store and loved it. Tried it on and said "it really isn't my style at all" then Dave's sister was in the newspaper wearing it and I said OHHHH but I love it. When it went on sale for $3 at Old Navy I got it.

I needed sweaters and I broke my own rule of only buy something you LOVE AND can think of three ways to wear. I do love it but I don't know how to wear it honestly. It was $3 though and it is warm.... and I am always cold...

I hope she doesn't mind if I post this. I did pull it off the internet...

I swear in person we don't look alike. Well she does look exactly like her brother but cuter and I have been with him for almost 16 years so I guess we are in that "weird couple that starts to look alike" territory? She is tall(taller than me), very slender, super althletic. And kinda awesome. I promise to text before we see each other next week and coordinate who gets to wear it.

Dave's whole family is cute.

Smile gives me away as the non related one huh? ha.


Taylor said...

I love that sweater. I hope you don't take this the wrong way but there's something about it that is very... little kid in the early 80s? Which is a weird thing to say when stripes are EVERYWHERE (including in my own closet). But that kind of makes me love it more. And for $3? Hiyo, you cannot beat ON's clearance deals for anything.

byhillary said...

I can't imagine why you'd think that....

Megan Mae said...

I love the sweater! It's very bright, which is good for sweaters imo. I am always pretty surprised at Old Navy's deals. The giftcard I got for christmas turned out to be a good bargain hunting trip.

Cara said...

I have been looking for reasons to try pink and red together (they were formerly on my "never" list) and a sweater like this keeps them apart safely for me!