Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Pinterest VS Reality Volume 3

Today is round three at our attempt to make something we found on Pinterest. This time we made Chicken Enchiladas from Pink Parsley.

Photo courtesy of Pink Parsley

Our results. :(

I don't want to give ours a complex but that baby was U G L Y. 

 The original was so beautiful and so perfect. Ours fell apart in the pan. The corn wrappers weren't behaving at all. We didn't have to modify the recipe it was already gluten free. It tasted good but man what an ugly dish. neither Dave nor I ever have any luck when we work with corn wrappers. I have tried all kinds of "tricks" people have suggested. I think we just need to investigate an alternative gluten free wrap option. Again like previous dishes it tasted good it just didn't look it. Next time I would add MORE spice though. Some of the spice got lost in the cooking.

If you want to see what I am pinning or to shoot me ideas (just mark the pin @byhillary) for future meals find me on Pinterest here.


Anonymous said...

That totally cracks me up! Glad they tasted okay though. I made a soup in the crock pot that looked amazing in the photo from Pinterest, but looked so awful when I made it I couldn't bear the thought of even eating it and threw it all out. ;)

Patricia said...

I'm thinking that your corn tortillas were just unstable. There are a few tricks you can do. One unhealthy trick is to put a little Crisco or oil on them, soften them in the microwave for 15 seconds and then fill them. The recipe says to microwave them for 40-60 seconds. In my experience that's too long and will dry out a corn tortilla. The other trick is to just find the freshest corn tortillas you can. I can usually kind of tell by looking at them, if they look dry in the package, they will usually far apart.

I also am not sure why the recipe has you spray the top of the enchiladas in cooking spray before you put them in the oven.

Anyway, there are some tips from a New Mexican.

Patricia said...

Ps. I hope that last comment from me didn't sound too bossy. Just trying to help, and hoping you don't give up on corn tortillas!

Cassykins said...

Lol. We're friends now I think, so I am ok with saying that your version looked a little more like a roasted chicken than enchiladas. BUT I also know that nothing that comes out so beautiful ever seems to taste as good. Maybe it's just because I come from a mother who thinks it's not delicious until it's a little burnt.

C said...

Sometimes when people photograph food, it's not even cooked all the way. It's so deceiving. Or, it's not even really food! Our enchiladas usually look closer to your, too :)

GiddyUpGirlz said...

LOL...That's what mine usually looks like too. Sorry! still laughing...

Anonymous said...

My enchiladas normally look much closer to your version than the pinterest version. But I wouldn't call my corn tortillas difficult to work with (I'd also never microwave them as that recipe called for). It might be the brand you are using - but I'm also curious what various tips you've tried to soften the tortillas.

Anonymous said...

My enchiladas normally look much more like yours than the pinterest version - the perils of a cheese covered casserole. But I've never felt like corn tortillas are difficult to work with - it might be the brand you are using, or it might be the microwaving (I'd never microwave a tortilla). I'm curious what tips you've tried in the past for softening?

byhillary said...

Damp towel
Bit water