Friday, February 03, 2012

I wish I had my cat's self esteem

Sounds like a witty title but I really do. I wish I had my cat's self esteem. They are just so CONFIDENT. I don't get it. I want to be like that. Strut around like I own the place. I was so scared when I took these pictures at lunch the other day someone would walk in and see me doing this in the staff room. People at work don't know about my blog. (well except you A, waves!)

Jacket H&M
Shirt Banana Republic
Jeans Seven for All Mankind
Sparkly blue Dankso
Pins all gifts except for the " i care" which technically was a gift from a lovely donor. I should make up a new batch. I had a bad year last year and I got shy about handing them out.

Since I took these after lunch my makeup was a bit wilty at that point. I can't believe how dark my hair photographs. It is dark red brown in the light.

As mentioned above 3 of the pins were gifts. I forget to wear them but on this day I pulled them all out and placed them on the counter for Dave's opinion. I also had a large pin that was blueish to match my shirt. I said if you like the blue can you put that on and if you like this cluster can you pick what works and put it on.
(he gets up before I do because he needs longer to sit in the morning and wake up. I sleep in as long as I can and run around because if I don't and I sit down I'd be screwed. So we have a system he gets up, gets ready and then while he is watching the news he is available for ironing or finding where I left my glasses and book to pack my purse. Or this day... pin application)
I used to try and iron my own things but he likes to iron the day of so it is super crisp. I should thank his mom for all those years of expensive Catholic school.

If you are wondering the bread and butterfly is my favorite pin ever. Dave got it the first time we went to Disney together  and he surprised me with it and 2 others on the way home to remember our day. (I also have a rocking horse fly and Alice)

Do you wear pins? I have a nice little collection I just forget to wear them.


Cassykins said...

Love the bread and butterfly! Alice is my favorite Disney movie. I do have a few pins, but rarely wear them. The only time any really come out is when I need something to pin a scarf and usually those are only my big "fancy" brooch pins.

Kristine said...

Pins and scarves~ my saving grace.

I have recently started acquiring dozens of scarves and have just started mixing in a bunch of big sparkley vintage brooches. I am finally leaning how they can dress up even the most basic of outfits :)

I am a slow learner I guess :)

Lorena said...

Yep, I wear pins... when I remember they are there OR when I am gifted a new one.
I don't put stuff away until I have worn them at least once - so they haunt me until i wear them and kind of forget about them.
Needless to say I absolutely LOVE your HK pin.