Monday, February 06, 2012

Football cake pops - the stick

Little prewarning. This doesn't even being to pretend to be a recipe or directions. More just what I did.

Dave and I had an anti-Super Bowl evening. I mean I wanted the Patriots to win like any good New Englander but I could not care less about watching the game. That is why when I came up with this idea I thought it was funny. I just imagined serving them to my dad while he watched the Super Bowl and watching his eye twitch. HA!

Dave had never had a cake pop so this was my way to thank him for all the Starbucks ones he has watched me enjoy.

We didn't use a recipe we just kinda winged it from what we knew about how you make cake pops.

how to make a gif

Make a cake, blend it with frosting, form balls, freeze, dip in chocolate, enjoy.

The cake was one from Dave's parents now defunkt :( baking mix line which we forgot and got a little well done. Doesn't really matter though because once we put it in the mixer you can't even tell. I cut the middle of the cake out and left the hard edges. 

For the frosting I winged it with help from my mom via hurried phone call. 1/2 stick butter, 2 cups powdered sugar, a little fake milk and coconut and vanilla extract.

Dump the cake in the mixer with the frosting and mix it up. Form little balls and roll them into shape you want. Stick into freezer to chill a little.

Melt chocolate in the microwave. DO NOT OVER HEAT. If you find it isn't getting a good pouring consistency the trick is to add a tiny bit of crisco to make it fluid. (Dave's mom taught me chocolate making and now we do it every Christmas) I only had the cheap melting chocolate but there is so much other sugar in this it tasted great just the same. I dipped them in the chocolate then put them on a drying rack and stuck in freezer 10 minute to harden.

I used a little frosting from a spray can to draw on top of the footballs. It isn't pretty that is for sure. Next time I would save some of the homemade frosting and pipe it on there. Not smush it on with a fork. We weren't going for beauty just general idea because we started so late in the evening. Photos were an after thought too. It was kinda OOH grab my phone and take a pic of this.  We only made as many as you see here but there was a ton of dough left after I had rolled them out I decided to put half away so instead it was wrapped up in a log form and froze it for some other time. I don't know how long they will last with all the butter and sugar so best to make as needed.

Next time. Beauty and photos deal? Not exactly Pinterest worthy.

They tasted great though. I had two and I couldn't think about them again for the rest of the day. I am glad we made them so small though. We almost made them double size. They are actually really easy to make and didn't take that long. I think having a mixmaster helps. I've heard people do it in food processors too or even blenders.

Did you watch the Super Bowl?


david said...

They turned out so good. Very sweet and you really only need one or two to feel satisfied (for a little while at least). I didnt end up bringing any for lunch today and that's all I have thought about since 11:30.

Megan Mae said...

Sounds delicious. Setting a bowl over a heating pad or using a crockpot are also good ways of melting chocolate that will keep it melted and not burn it.

I didn't watch the super bowl (or as my mom calls it the Stupid Bowl). Instead we watched Horrible Bosses and Sherlock BBC season 1. But we also spent part of the day at a friend's wake? I guess you'd call it. We did wind up eating lots of food and desserts. Key lime pie and orange rolls. Mmm.

Dave77459 said...

What a great idea, and how nice that you thanked Dave that way.

We didn't watch the Super Bowl, but I did watch a re-run of Kelly Clarkson sing the national anthem because people were talking about it. I do believe my celebrity crush situation is getting muddled.

byhillary said...

To make chocolates you double boil it. Consistsnt nt direct heat is ideal. This was our lazy way. We all use counter frying pans for it to keep the temp set. It's perfect.

Lisa said...

I did watch the Superbowl and was super bummed that the Patriots lost. Those cake pops look awesome, especially for your first time! I tried to make cake pops once and they looked awful (tasted delicious) and made my kitchen into a total mess. I'm glad Dave got to enjoy them too.